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Small Business Week 2022

Small Business Week 2022

Celebrating Nova Scotia’s dreamers and doers




Four stories of innovation powering business growth

As companies grow and compete globally, research and innovation are key drivers that require time, talent, and budget — three things often in short supply.

Partnering with Mitacs, we worked with several companies — including NOVONIX, Merivale Group, Solterra Geo-Resources, and Enginuity Inc. — to help them innovate to grow.

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Dare to do things differently:  Power up your growth

The economic recovery has brought  new challenges for Canadian  entrepreneurs. High on the list are  inflation, worker shortages and supply  chain challenges. Can we find better  ways of working? Certainly. Business  owners are finding ways to succeed  despite these challenges. They are  also making their businesses more  inclusive and sustainable, while driving  the Canadian economy. See how it’s  being done, as we all celebrate the  passion, daring and impact of Canada's  dreamers and doers during BDC  Small Business Week 2022.

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Businesses of Diversity

Nova Scotia Businesses of Diversity are growing their revenues and forging new partnerships with the help of NSBI through participation in Supplier Diversity procurement programs.

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Working together to grow your Nova Scotia business

Every business is unique. We offer a variety of programs and tools  designed to help businesses reach their full potential. Here’s a snapshot of the programs, services, online tools and workshops available to help your business succeed.

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New to exporting?
We can help

Succeeding in business is challenging at the best of times. Find out what programs, services, online tools and workshops NSBI offers that can help your business succeed.

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Sympli Works On-Demand Courses and Webinars

Get the training and mentoring to grow your small business — when it works for you.

We get it. Trying to find time to access  training and workshops is hard when  you’re busy running a business. There are  many training opportunities out there  that are extremely useful, but they’re  often scheduled at a specific time  conflicting with other commitments.

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