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Ready to be Nova Scotia’s next business success story?


We get it. Succeeding in business is challenging at the best of times. Especially today, many business owners are navigating unprecedented realities and facing increased vulnerability.

Perhaps more than ever before, the best chance for long-term business success is expanding into new markets, or in other words, exporting. As an exporter, you have a higher likelihood of:

  • Increased sales
  • Higher profits
  • Adopting innovation

We understand — there is a lot to know about exporting. We can help.

It can be hard to know where to start your export journey as every business situation is unique. We have a dedicated team on hand to help you navigate the options. With practical business experience and know-how, we help you connect to the right markets, programs, services and solutions.

Here’s a snapshot of the programs, services, online tools and workshops available to help your business succeed.

Explore markets
We are dedicated to helping companies improve their export performance and grow their business through trade. Companies of all sizes and experience face challenges as they evolve and grow their business. We have specialized trade programs and services for businesses at every step.

Get expert advice
We have a dedicated team of Regional Business Development Advisors on hand to get you started and navigate the options. With practical business advice and market know-how, our experts help Nova Scotia businesses connect to the right solutions and discover and do business in markets around the world.

Join training and workshops
For every stage of your business journey, our variety of workshops and courses across the province (and online) gives you the skills and expertise you need to help your business succeed.

Access programs and services
Whether you are looking to embrace digital transformation, get market research, or travel (virtually) into new markets, our suite of programs and services is continually changing and adapting to help you meet today and tomorrow’s business challenges.

Talk to us today
Ready to become Nova Scotia’s next business success story? Ready to export to new markets? Whether you are new to exporting, expanding to new markets, or looking to grow your export business, we can guide you through any stage of your export journey. Talk to us today.

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