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Last updated: 1 December 2022

Invest Nova Scotia websites use cookies, which are small pieces of data that web pages place on computers to assist in tracking activity on our websites.

This information helps us identify what visitors are interested in, so that we may continually work towards providing useful and relevant content. It is possible to change the settings on a web browser to deny cookies or to warn when cookies will be deposited.

Our privacy and cookies notice will appear at the bottom of our site the first time you visit, and you will be prompted to review our privacy statement and cookies notice. Clicking the “X” and / or continuing to use the website indicates your consent to accept our cookies.

For general information on what cookies are, and how to control them on your computer, see the Nova Scotia Government Cookies Information page which applies to Invest Nova Scotia websites.

Based on an audit of our site using cookieserve.com, our Invest Nova Scotia website has a privacy impact score (PIS) of “B”, which indicates a below average use of potentially privacy intrusive technologies.

HTTP Cookies & Privacy Attributes

CloudFlare - Third-Party (required)
Expiry:  364 days
Sets the “secure” flag on web pages.

Generic JavaScript Check - First-Party (required)
Expiry:  Session
Checks browser for javascript support.

AddThis tracking - First Party and Third Party
Expiry:  Session and 395 days
We integrate AddThis code for sharing our content across social media and email.
Learn how to opt-out of AddThis cookies.

Google Analytics - First Party
Expiry:  Session and 795 days
We use Google's IP anonymization masking feature through Google Tag Manager.
Distinguishes unique identifiers given to each computer to allow traffic analysis. Data is only used in aggregate.
Learn more about Google Analytics cookie usage on websites.

Test Cookie (test_cookie) - Third Party
Expiry:  Session
Site testing and quality assurance.

Facebook tracking cookie - Third Party
Expiry:  89 days
Facebook retargeting and ad campaigns.
Learn more about Facebook Cookies.

Twitter tracking cookie - Third Party
Expiry:  729 days
Customize services with relevant content.
Learn more about Twitter Cookies.

Squarespace anti-forgery cookie - Third Party
Expiry: Session
Prevents cross-site request forgery.
Learn more about Squarespace Cookies.

Local Storage Objects

HTML5 LocalStorage is a is client-side storage introduced by HTML5 and supported by all major browsers. Data stored there is not sent automatically by the browser (unlike HTTP cookies) but is accessible to JavaScript code permanently, until deleted by the application or cleaned manually by the user. These objects can be compared to first-party persistent cookies from privacy point of view.



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