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Get the training and mentoring to grow your small business — when it works for you.

We get it. Trying to find time to access training and workshops is hard when you’re busy running a business.

There are many training opportunities out there that are extremely useful but they’re often scheduled at a specific time and may conflict with other commitments.

We’d like to help to with that.

Invest Nova Scotia and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, in collaboration with Sympli Works, are offering free access to a series of on-demand courses providing you with tools and resources to grow your small business.

What is Sympli Works and how does it work?

Sympli Works is a membership platform that offers training and mentoring via a series of on-demand courses. When you sign up for Sympli Works, you find resources that tackle common issues like scaling, sales, HR, and marketing — all available for you to learn on your own time.

Membership also includes full access to the Mighty Network, a platform for community collaboration with peers and other small business owners.

The On-Demand Courses are available by membership only and are approximately 8–10 hours per course. The topics include:

To register for an On-Demand Course, applicants must complete the SIMPLI WORKS APPLICATION FORM and submit via email to Yuliya Demish.

On-Demand Course Instructor

Matt Symes, CEO and Founding Partner of Symplicity Designs

Scaling an organization is extremely difficult work. Most fail. Matt works tirelessly to help business owners make sense of the messy middle and grow their organizations.

He’s a serial entrepreneur, portfolio manager, and recovering academic who loves to help business owners succeed. Over the last 10 years, Matt has helped more than 400 organizations recover from some of their darkest moments and realize improvement and continuous innovation.

For Matt, the reality check is critical. His dedication lies in leading clients to shift the organizational paradigm. With Matt’s help, your business can:

  • Develop sound strategies to navigate through uncertain times
  • Align your organization to focus on those improvements that create the greatest value for you and your customer
  • Increase employee engagement through leading change

Matt has a unique ability to bring clarity to chaos. He sees a path forward, then helps businesses focus on what they do best and finds even better ways to do it.

Internally at Symplicity Designs + Sympli Works, he is responsible for that same growth journey. Not only can he speak from having helped others grow their own business, but he can speak candidly about the trials and tribulations of growing nine small businesses along the way.

Matt completed his BA and BEd at the University of New Brunswick and his MA at Wilfrid Laurier University. He is currently on leave from his PhD studies as he works to grow Symplicity Designs + Sympli Works. He is thrilled to be able to work with clients to help them on their business journey.

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