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Other ways to reach us: 1.800.260.6682 | 902.424.8670 | info@investnovascotia.ca

Capital is the lifeblood of any early stage company and we are looking to invest in great entrepreneurs, teams, companies, and technologies.

Sound like you? If so, we want to know more.

We can help turn your venture into something extraordinary. We’re more than just money. We provide business guidance, tailored to meet the unique – and evolving – needs of your promising technology company.

We manage the Nova Scotia First Fund. The fund targets emerging venture-grade technology companies with high growth potential and attractive risk-return prospects. We co-invest with institutional, private sector and angel investors from across Canada and beyond. Check out some of our investment portfolio companies.

Our fund has capacity to invest in new opportunities. Is the next opportunity yours?

We bring more than just investment capital. We’ll work side-by-side with you to figure out your immediate struggles and the steps needed to overcome them. Once that’s achieved, together we’ll determine what’s needed next for sustained competitiveness and business growth. A network of advisors, mentors and service providers complements our in-house business expertise. Learn about our investment team.