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Four Stories of Innovation

Partnering to Help Businesses

As companies look to expand, differentiate, and compete globally, research and innovation are key drivers that require time, talent, and budget — three things that are often in short supply in a growing business.

Enter Mitacs: a national not-for-profit that helps companies harness the power of innovation.

Mitacs builds bridges between businesses with a research need or a challenge to solve, and post-secondary institutions where invaluable knowledge, expertise, and skills are embedded.

These connections are made through Mitacs’s unique work-integrated learning model. Mitacs facilitates internships that match businesses with the right highly-trained college and university students, postdoctoral researchers, and recent graduates to help them engage in R&D, innovate, and grow.

On top of that, all Mitacs’s programs are cost-shared, so companies don’t have to carry the full salaries of skilled talent supporting their projects. Through funding partnerships with organizations like Nova Scotia Business Inc., Mitacs covers at least 50 per cent of every innovation internship.

A leader in Canada’s innovation ecosystem with nearly 120 business development experts and a network of more than 14,500 world-class research collaborators, Mitacs is uniquely positioned to help companies tap into top talent, access crucial funding, drive cutting-edge change, and become innovative leaders in their industries.

Over the past year, Mitacs and NSBI worked with several companies on a variety of projects, including NOVONIX, Merivale Group, Solterra Geo-Resources, and Enginuity Inc. We asked them about their Mitacs experiences and outcomes.

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Recruiting and retaining skilled, work-ready talent to fuel home-grown battery production

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Merivale Group

Turning waste into energy by tapping into skilled post-secondary talent

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Solterra Geo-Resources

Research funding to de-risk innovation and advance the shift to a low-carbon economy

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Enginuity Inc.

Leveraging funding, talent, and innovation to reach new markets

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