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Our Top Articles of 2014

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Here’s a look back at the top read articles and stories from the NSBI and ConnectNS websites during 2014. We look forward to sharing more stories about interesting people and Nova Scotia opportunities throughout 2015.

Nova Scotia Expat: Dartmouth native may save the planet (literally)!
“Nova Scotia is where everything comes together,” read the ConnectNS feature on Dartmouth’s own Danielle Fong, one of Nova Scotia’s fastest rising stars. Twice named to Forbes Magazine’s prestigious 30 under 30 list, Fong has also been referred to by media as the “Greentech Goddess.”

Nova Scotia Alumnus: Taking the Cabot Trail to India
ConnectNS network member Venkatesh Thyagarajan has never swayed far from the spirit of Nova Scotia, even while at the forefront of the ever expanding IT service industry from his offices in Kochi, India. 

Nova Scotia’s Powered Up about Clean Technology
Home to world-class companies in wind, tidal and renewable energy, Nova Scotia is leading Canada in the field of clean technology.

The Next Big Thing in Big Data
Everyone is looking for the next big thing in big data to happen and companies are investing in hardware, software, and services to capture its potential.

Outsourcing & Technology: Nova Scotia is a Smart Investment
Nova Scotia’s geographic location, competitive costs, and leading infrastructure, not to mention its people, culture, and quality of life make it a destination of choice for companies to outsource or set up their IT Support, Shared Services, and Captive Centres.

Co-op Placements: A win-win for businesses and our Nova Scotia talent
At NSBI we are proud to offer co-op placements in areas such as marketing, research and financing.  Although we are not a large organization, we feel it is important to the province that we offer opportunities for learners to gain meaningful and relevant experience.

Export Spotlight: Scothorn Farms Ltd.
Scothorn Farms Ltd. is a leading producer of Christmas trees in Nova Scotia. NSBI spoke with the company about the firm’s success and its future in the province.

Export Spotlight: Stright-MacKay
Nova Scotia Business sat down with Peter Bennett, President of Stright-MacKay Ltd. to learn more about this recognized exporter and its business.