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  • Nova Scotia’s Powered Up about Clean Technology

Nova Scotia’s Powered Up about Clean Technology

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Home to world-class companies in wind, tidal and renewable energy, Nova Scotia is leading Canada in the field of clean technology. Not only are we the first in North America to introduce hard caps on greenhouse gas emissions, we are also home to COMFIT — the world’s first community feed-in tariff program for small scale producers! And we have 1 of only 3 commercial tidal power plants in the world right here in Nova Scotia!

Between the tides, the wind, and the sun, along with research and development capabilities, industry expertise, and quality infrastructure, Nova Scotia has a lot of resources for attracting more investment to our province. And we have set some considerable goals for the future, recently legislating targets for 25% renewable electricity by 2015 and a goal for 40% renewable electricity by 2020.

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View the full Clean Tech infographic:
Clean Tech infographic (PDF)