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  • Nova Scotia, Canada: Here for what’s next in medical technology

Nova Scotia, Canada: Here for what’s next in medical technology

Thursday, June 8, 2023

A prime medtech location needs an established research ecosystem, a unique business community, and talented and skilled people. Focused on research, Nova Scotia is the perfect location and size to test and try innovative ways of delivering care using new technologies and treatments.

Nova Scotia Health is the province's unified health authority and the largest in Atlantic Canada, operating hospitals, health centres and community-based programs across the province. With a focus on decentralized clinical trials and health system transformation, Nova Scotia Health is becoming a partner of choice for companies with innovative solutions.

The Canadian Institute for Vaccinology focuses on infectious disease research and has conducted hundreds of industry-led clinical trials of vaccines. 

The Brain Repair Centre specializes in dealing with an assortment of issues arriving from disorders involving the brain and nervous system. Their research focuses on new treatments that can improve and save the lives of affected individuals.  

Ideas, expertise, and accessibility

Nova Scotia has the largest concentration of universities in North America per capita, one of the most educated workforces, and a close knit commercial and public medical community. Because we’re a smaller province, we have the ability and flexibility to connect companies to decision makers quickly. This means we have the people, the expertise, and the ideas and collaborative community – locally and globally - to foster and support a growing medtech industry for companies like NovaResp Technologies and Mimosa.  

A business culture like no other

Hamed Hanafi, the founder and CEO of NovaResp Technologies, is an assistant professor at Dalhousie University, the largest university in Atlantic Canada and one of Canada's leading research institutions. NovaResp has developed a patented software compatible with any positive airway pressure (PAP) machine to dramatically improve comfort and adherence to therapy for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) patients. The company's platform software uses artificial intelligence and machine learning during PAP therapy to predict and prevent episodes of apnea before they occur.

 “I feel privileged to have started NovaResp here in Nova Scotia. I immigrated to Halifax almost 16 years ago, fell in love with it and now call it ‘home’. Nova Scotians are friendly and kind, and this reflects in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Everyone is ready to help and happy to see you and your business grow.” 

 “The quality of entrepreneurship and businesses growing here are world-class. Businesses founded and growing in Nova Scotia are making a difference locally, nationally and globally, while operating frugally in a supportive environment. Due to the collaborative and friendly spirit of our region, I have first-hand experience knowing that important milestones can be accomplished here with a fraction of the capital that’s required to accomplish the same milestones elsewhere.”

Dr. Karen Cross is the CEO and Co-founder of MIMOSA Diagnostics, a company taking a novel approach to skin imaging by empowering clinicians to see beneath the skin’s surface. As a “Double Doctor” - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with a PhD in Optical Imaging and Wound Healing - Dr. Cross has spent more than 22 years clinically and in science creating technology to assess tissue injury.

 “Halifax is an emerging med-tech hub and our team at MIMOSA Diagnostics wanted to be part of that growth. Nova Scotia is uniquely positioned in the medtech space, as there is true alignment between stakeholders at all levels - the government, health authorities, and clinicians.”

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