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Life Sciences Nova Scotia

Life Sciences

Life Sciences

From discovery to implementation, Nova Scotia is home to a life sciences and health ecosystem that can help your business develop products, work with leading researchers, and bring them to market — all in one place and at a competitive cost.

Nova Scotia has a unified health authority that grants approvals for clinical trials across the province. At any given time, there are about 400 clinical trials underway at Nova Scotia Health.

Leading scientific breakthroughs

Health and life science companies in Nova Scotia are part of a strong, growing, and tight-knit community working at the cutting edge of scientific breakthroughs. Scientists are at the forefront of research in immune health, data and advanced analytics, diagnostic technologies, digital health and natural health products, and we have leading facilities to prove it.

It's the quality of our people that demonstrates our true strength. Nova Scotia is Canada’s University capital, home to 10 universities and 14 community college campuses. Our education institutions partner with government and industry to develop tailor-made programs to support sector growth, and the homegrown talent pool is complemented by immigration programs that support companies to attract the best global talent to Nova Scotia.

Research in Nova Scotia pays off

Innovate with Research Partners: Companies partner with Nova Scotia's 10 universities and the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) to work on exciting R&D and commercialization initiatives. The province's health authority also functions as a primary research partner for companies. 

Be Part of a Community: Nova Scotia is home to a well-connected global cluster of start-ups, multinational companies, and academia. Companies in Nova Scotia have access to state-of-the-art research and incubator facilities, backed by a collaborative ecosystem of innovation and business supports.

Save on R&D Costs: Canada leads the G7 in research and development (R&D) spending in post-secondary research as a share of GDP, and offers companies one of the most generous R&D tax incentives in the industrialized world. 

Benefit from Programs and Incentives: Companies undertaking R&D or expanding in Nova Scotia can take advantage of a variety of programs and incentives, including generous research, support for talent acquisition and development tax credits.

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Sector Snapshot

The Nova Scotia Business Advantage

Nova Scotia has every business advantage required for health technology companies -- educated workers, a thriving sector and a location on Canada's East Coast - halfway between the Pacific Coast and Europe.

Leading research

Nova Scotia has a critical mass of students and scientists undertaking exciting R&D in many of our post-secondary institutions, research hospitals, and research centres.

Cost advantages

Solutions to prevent disease, treat conditions and provide access to care are at the forefront of Nova Scotia’s priorities. Life sciences research partnerships, innovation and growth are essential investments for developing these solutions. Nova Scotia offers a suite of programs that support these activities.

Educated workforce

Nova Scotia has more engineering, applied science, mathematics and physical science university graduates per capita than anywhere else in Canada.

Experienced ecosystem

Home to a critical mass of ground breaking companies. Our research organizations are close-knit, particularly in the life sciences sector where many researchers hold cross appointments between the Health Authority, research hospitals, and various departments in post-secondary institutions.

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The first ultrasound devices small enough to be inserted during small access surgeries to tackle brain cancers are being developed in Nova Scotia.  
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