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For venture capital funds investing in high-growth Nova Scotia start-ups.

Invest Nova Scotia partners with venture capital funds that invest in innovative, high-growth Nova Scotia start-ups, ensuring companies have access to the funding they need to scale and thrive in Nova Scotia.

Developing a strong venture capital economy in Nova Scotia

Fund investments are focused on strengthening Nova Scotia’s venture capital ecosystem by supporting a sustainable and diverse portfolio of venture capital funds that can attract additional capital to deploy in our province.

Fund Investment Goals:

  • Strengthen Nova Scotia’s venture capital ecosystem
  • Increase venture capital available to Nova Scotia’s high-growth start-ups
  • Diversify access to venture capital

Investment Process

The fund investment process is conducted by internal and external venture capital professionals. The process includes evaluating the expression of interest submissions, an interview with shortlisted applicants and thorough due diligence, including assessment of:

  • Management: fund management or venture investing experience; operational experience; investment and sector networks; demonstrated track record; expertise and skillsets; diversity; team composition; succession plan
  • Investment Thesis: investment strategy; unique competitive advantage or differentiator; deal flow; governance structure including due diligence, selection and approval processes
  • Fund Structure: management fees; compensation structure; governance and reporting frameworks (e.g., investment committee and limited partner advisory committee); ESG and DEI strategies
  • Traction: market validation; committed and pipeline capital; investments made to date; fundraising strategy
  • Nova Scotia Impact: strength of Nova Scotia presence; focus on key strategic sector(s); focus on underserved founders or regions; ability to attract outside capital via limited partners and co-investors


Eligible applicants include venture capital funds that meet the following criteria: 

  • Currently raising a venture capital fund
  • Committed to deploying 100% of Invest Nova Scotia’s investment in Nova Scotia-based high-growth start-ups
  • Committed to maintaining a Nova Scotia presence required to develop a pipeline of Nova Scotia-based start-ups and current investment opportunities

How to Apply

Submissions are accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis. Please contact us to learn more.


What is the typical size of a fund investment?
The size of a fund investment depends on many factors including the size of the fund, the fund’s portfolio construction and the outcome of the due diligence process. We are looking for funds that can raise significant additional capital from a variety of limited partners.

Do you have a maximum fund investment size?
Invest Nova Scotia may invest up to 25% of total committed capital in a fund up to a maximum of $10 million.

How is a Nova Scotia-based start-up defined?
A Nova Scotia-based start-up is defined as having the majority of senior team members and the majority of employees based in Nova Scotia.

What terms are involved?
Invest Nova Scotia invests alongside private and public limited partners, and as such we invest on standard industry terms including standard management fees and carried interest.