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  • Rebuilding your Business - 5 part series (Group 2)

Rebuilding your Business - 5 part series (Group 2)

Wednesday, September 23, 2020 - 9:00am to Thursday, September 24, 2020 - 10:45am

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Rebuilding your Business

What problem did you solve pre-COVID-19? Who was your customer? What was the value you provided? Are your customers still willing to buy? If these questions sound familiar, then we are here to help you work through the answers. 

Brought to you by NSBI, in partnership with ACOA, join the team from Symplicity Designs symplicity.ca to explore how you can rebuild your business, stronger and more agile, looking through the lenses of viability, value, and safety. This is more than a series of training sessions; this is 1 on 1 coaching with the experts from the Symplicity Designs team. 

Understanding how to approach your current/ new markets and generating sales during this new Covid-19 environment is critical. This program will support your testing of new tactics and offer guidance on how to make the most impact.

Session 1

Getting Grounded in the As-Is (2 hours)

September 23, 2020   9am - 11am

What problem did you solve pre-COVID-19? For who? What was the value? Are your customers still willing to buy? What capabilities do you have internally?

Session 2

1:1 Zoom Call (30-60 minutes) - To be scheduled with you and the Symplicity team.

A review of your as-is situation.

Session 3

Rebuilding your Business (4 hours)

October 7, 2020   8:30am - 12:30pm

Looking through the lens of value, safety, and viability, what does the new normal look like in your business? How can I approach this market and sell in this environment? What safety measures must be in place? We will help you rebuild, see the gaps in internal capabilities, and keep track of the customer response.

Session 4

1:1 Zoom Call (30-60 minutes) - To be scheduled with you and the Symplicity team.

Talking through the new normal; developing your new business model.

Session 5

Learning to Pivot (4 hours)

October 21, 2020   8:30am - 12:30pm

Assessing the first four weeks in market: What have you learned? Where must you pivot next? What capabilities must you build? Where must we invest?

Symplicity Designs

Symplicity Designs is on a mission to improve the prosperity of Atlantic Canada. Our team brings over 30 
years of experience with proven Performance Excellence principles, methods, and tools. We have
worked across all industry segments from the senior executive level to the front line. From strategy
development to the implementation of front line visual management systems we bring a breadth and
depth of experience that is focused on helping you improve faster.

Symplicity Designs exists to help organizations improve, innovate, and grow faster. We do this by
helping our clients make strategic choices, execute effectively, and lead change to engage employees.



Jessica McCall

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