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Young hires making waves at MetOcean Telematics

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Written by Margaret Schwartz
Youth Program Outreach Coordinator
Department of Labour and Advanced Education

Thanks to innovative companies, high-value employment, unique programming, and an enviable coastal lifestyle, Nova Scotia continues to make an impact as a distinct location for youth attraction and retention. More and more young people are choosing to live and work in Nova Scotia, with employers like MetOcean Telematics playing a key role.   

Located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, MetOcean Telematics is a leading global satellite provider committed to working with students and recent graduates. “The young people we hire have such a positive impact on our company,” says Tara Gillis, HR Manager. “As we seek to become the leader in our sector, we know the diversity they bring is what helps us move to the top.”

Recent students Xing Yang and Ramy Metwaly gained valuable on-the-job experience with MetOcean Telematics as one of their three required co-op placements. “This experience benefits me for when I am looking for a job after graduation,” says Yang.

MetOcean Telematics hired recent-graduate engineers Kyle Walsh and Alex Moore straight out of Dalhousie University. “The young people we hire bring innovative ideas and creativity to the team,” says Gillis.

Left to right: Ramy Metwaly, Kyle Walsh, Xing Yan, Alex Moore

Before each new graduate hire, MetOcean applies for salary funding that subsidizes the cost. Funding like Graduate to Opportunity (GTO) that supports start-ups, small businesses under 100 full-time employees, non-profits and social enterprises.

Employers receive 25% of a new graduate’s first-year salary (35% if the graduate identifies as an aboriginal Canadian, a racially visible person, a person with a disability, a woman in an under-represented occupation or an international student graduate) and 12.5% of a graduate’s second-year salary from the Province.

“I highly recommend other businesses take advantage of the post-secondary youth hiring programs and diversity bonuses,” says Gillis. “We are lucky to have these opportunities in Nova Scotia. Our students are the leaders of today, and we learn so much from them.”

To date, more than 1,000 recent graduates are employed across Nova Scotia by employers who access GTO funding.

About MetOcean Telematics

Working from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, MetOcean Telematics is disrupting the possibilities of real-time data. A recipient of Nova Scotia Business Inc’s Export Growth Program, they continue to grow their business beyond Nova Scotia.

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Innovate to Opportunity (ITO)

ITO helps well-educated young people start their careers in Nova Scotia while helping businesses become more innovative and export-oriented. A funding incentive is offered to eligible employers to hire recent Masters and PhD graduates for jobs that are focused on research, innovation and exports.