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  • Startup Genome Partners with Innovacorp and Team to Strengthen Atlantic Canada's Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Startup Genome Partners with Innovacorp and Team to Strengthen Atlantic Canada's Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Friday, March 25, 2022

Global economic transformation specialists partner with Atlantic Canada leaders to further accelerate their start-up community, support organizations, and comprehensive entrepreneurship.

Startup Genome is partnering with Innovacorp, Genesis, Innovation PEI (Prince Edward Island), CDL-Atlantic (Creative Destruction Lab Atlantic Canada), ACOA (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency), and NBIF (New Brunswick Innovation Fund) to study and support Atlantic Canada's entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem development. Under the terms of the agreement, the parties are working together to assess the current entrepreneurial climate for early stage start-ups and are prioritizing additional ways to advance development, particularly in information technology, life sciences, clean technology, and ocean technology.

Using a combination of global datasets and survey data, Startup Genome is conducting an in-depth analysis to determine Atlantic Canada's ecosystem stage of development, create benchmarks against peer and top global start-up ecosystems, and examine the opportunities and gaps as well as strengths to be capitalized on.

Startup Genome is working closely with Innovacorp, Genesis, Innovation PEI, CDL-Atlantic, ACOA, and NBIF to: 

  • Conduct a founder-focused, scale-up assessment and diagnostic with founders and/or executives of tech-enabled businesses less than 10 years old.
  • Identify verticals of strength and latent potential in traditional and emerging industry sectors.
  • Produce Startup Genome's Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER), the world's most comprehensive and widely read research on start-ups, to include Atlantic Canada's entrepreneurial data trends and notable start-ups.
  • Deliver a data-driven foundation that enables ecosystem leaders to confidently drive consensus among decision makers.
  • Provide global member network access, facilitating knowledge sharing among government policy and program design, and ecosystems and community practices.

Insights gleaned from the analysis will assist local and community leaders and stakeholders in uniting Atlantic Canada's regional entrepreneurial resources to deliver more new business start-ups and business success.

With 100 clients across six continents in more than 45 countries to date, Startup Genome is the world-leading research and policy advisory organization for public and private agencies committed to accelerating the success of their start-up ecosystem.

"The performance of start-ups in our region over the past three years along with the growth of capital raised demonstrates the success Atlantic Canadian companies are having on the global stage," said Malcolm Fraser, president and CEO at Innovacorp. "We're excited to work with Startup Genome to better understand our vibrant and growing ecosystem. We'll use the research results to continue to make Atlantic Canada a great place to start your early stage high growth company."

"Startup Genome is proud to support this team as they build a thriving start-up ecosystem building on Atlantic Canada's existing strengths so entrepreneurs and innovators can foster a reliable hub of job creation and economic growth for the region," shares JF Gauthier, Founder and CEO of Startup Genome.

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About Startup Genome
Startup Genome's data-driven insights provide local innovation policy leaders with clarity, momentum, and strategy to help them focus their growth-focused actions. Working side-by-side with 300 partner organizations, Startup Genome's frameworks and methodologies are instrumental in building foundations for start-ups to grow. Startup Genome identifies key gaps in start-up ecosystems and prioritizes actions to fuel sustained economic growth—rooted in more than a decade of independent research with data on three million companies across 280 cities. Find out more by contacting Adam Bregu at adam@startupgenome.com, and visiting startupgenome.com and LinkedIn.

For more information, please contact: 

Tricia Whitlock Naik
Chief Operations Officer, Startup Genome
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March 25, 2022