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Investor Showcase 2024

Monday, February 12, 2024

On February 6, 2024, we hosted a 60-minute virtual showcase highlighting some of the top investment opportunities in our portfolio. The event was packed with 17 rapid-fire pitches from companies at various stages of growth - from the seed stage, where ideas take root, to the Series A stage, where enterprises solidify their market foothold. Companies had three minutes to pitch their concepts, demonstrate their prototypes or products, and seek funding.  

With more than 100 investor registrants taking part in the event alongside 200 additional spectators and supporters, we’re proud of the part we played in fostering connections and collaborations between companies and potential contacts.  

Recording of the event:

Participating companies:

Clean Technology 

  • Aurea - Portable, efficient wind turbines to create more power with less weight in remote areas. 
  • Dispersa - Transforming food waste into clean ingredients, called biosurfactants, that can be formulated into everyday products like soaps and detergents. 
  • Freshr Technologies (formerly IHRD) - Sustainable active packaging to extend the shelf life of fresh proteins. 
  • Salient Energy - Zinc-ion stationary energy storage battery that’s safer than lithium. 
  • Zen Energy - Four times longer lifetime batteries for light electric vehicles and energy storage systems. 

Ocean Technology 

  • Ashored Innovations - Complete rope-on-command solution for responsible whale-safe harvests within trap-based fisheries. 
  • BlueGrid by Rimot - Vessel-to-grid technology turns marine vessels into virtual power plants for utility-grade energy storage. 
  • OCIANA by GSTS - A maritime AI platform providing predictive insights for risk mitigation and operational optimization. 

Information & Communications Technology 

  • Chews Local - A platform helping local restaurants save millions of dollars in third-party delivery fees. 
  • Easy Platter - A platform that increases access to vetted chefs who cook healthy meals in your home. 
  • Frenter - Asset-management software for heavy equipment operators and rental companies. 
  • QuickFacts - Insurance underwriting comparison and workflow software to centralize data and improve broker efficiency. 
  • Wellnify.ai - Community wellness engagement platform leveraging gamification to help create happier, healthier communities. 

Life Sciences & Health Technology 

  • Axem Neurotechnology - Transforming stroke recovery through virtual, biomarker-guided care. 
  • Emagix - AI for vision preservation. 
  • NxtGen Care - Enterprise health care software using data intelligence to provide a 360-degree view of senior care. 
  • Spring Loaded Technology - A compact bionic knee brace that enhances the power output of leg muscles for people with knee injuries or mobility challenges. 

For information related to our investment portfolio or participating companies, please contact Kristen Rivers

Invest Nova Scotia supports the growth and momentum of Nova Scotia businesses of all sizes through a variety of programs and services. Among our dedicated supports for start-ups is our venture capital arm which finds, funds and fosters innovative Nova Scotia start-ups that strive to change the world. We invest from the angel stage to Series A, capping investments in any one company at $3 million. Beyond capital, companies get access to a variety of value-add programs and services to help them scale. 

Invest Nova Scotia also runs three world-class incubation facilities, The Start Up Yard at Cove, The Bays and The Labs. These sites are home to almost 40 companies, providing the facilities and other support they need to expedite product development and get to market sooner. 

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