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Spotlight on Lixar

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Lixar, a company headquartered in Ottawa with an east coast office, specializes in high-value, knowledge intensive ICT R&D, and is focused on mobile technology, data science, IoT, and Cloud product platform and software solution development.

We sat down with the company to learn more about what it does, and its choice to grow in Nova Scotia.

Q.  What kind of work does Lixar do?
A.    Lixar is Driven by Mobile. Enterprise­ level, connected product platforms, and mobile­-to­-everything software solutions. Lixar is focused on air, auto, telco and emerging technology markets.

Q.  Tell us about Lixar’s history in Nova Scotia.
A.   The Lixar office opened in 2007 with two people and has since grown to over 40. Halifax is a great place to work and live. The Lixar teams love the city’s charm. Lixar appreciates the winning conditions that the province and city have put in place for local businesses to succeed.

Q.  Why has Nova Scotia proved to be a good location for Lixar’s growth?
A.   The general lower cost of living, supported by an efficient lower cost business centre equates to a successful recipe for a vibrant operation and a happy and productive workforce. Halifax has a lot of vibrancy ­ combined with an ocean lifestyle, people really do want to work and play here.

Lixar’s International clients also appreciate the team vibrancy. Starting the day a bit earlier on the east coast also means that client deadlines on the west coast are completed faster due to the time advantage.

Q.  Tell us about your team at Lixar.
A.   The bottom line is that people want to work on innovative products and projects. Creating a seamlessly connected mobile ecosystem in transportation, telecommunications or emerging technology markets is truly interesting. Technically sound dynamic individuals are always welcome to connect with us.

Q.  And finally, what can you share about the culture?
A.   Lixar’s mantra is create, innovate, and inspire. We believe in strong connections with the community and we really value our partnership with the Halifax Pop Explosion.

Q.  Where can people find out more about career opportunities at Lixar?
A.   Career opportunities are posted at http://lixar.com/careers/career-opportunities/

Lixar is eligible to receive payroll rebates, through Nova Scotia Business Inc., over a five year period based on achieving specific hiring targets.

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