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  • Welcome to The Blue Ocean, An Introduction to Nova Scotia, Canada

Welcome to The Blue Ocean, An Introduction to Nova Scotia, Canada

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

The bestselling book, Blue Ocean Strategy, recommends growing your business by avoiding cutthroat competition amid a sea of rivals. Instead, look for market opportunities in the untapped blue ocean.

What if this advice was applied to the locations in which organizations choose to set up or expand their business? Could it make sense to invest in a less top-of-mind place? If so, how about Nova Scotia, Canada, Site Selection Magazine’s #1 Out of the Box Location in North America?

Let’s dive in.

Business-Friendly Environment

A critical point first: Nova Scotia makes economic sense. The province features a competitive costs when it comes to office and lab space. On top of that, the province offers several programs and incentives to make the math even more attractive.

You’ll get a serious return on  your workforce investment because Nova Scotia has a highly skilled workforce. With more than twenty universities and colleges, the province provides a robust talent pool.

A Globally Ranked Ecosystem

Every organization relies on others so it’s important to be in good company. Nova Scotia boasts a diverse tech ecosystem that supports key industries including manufacturing, financial services, clean technology, ocean technology, and advanced technology. R&D collaboration is also a reality thanks to the cooperative nature of our many leading research institutions and universities. In short, Nova Scotia recognizes that no business is an island and collaboration across industry, academia and government is key.

Strategic Location

Jutting out into the Atlantic, Nova Scotia is perfectly positioned to access both North American and European markets. The province is well-connected by air, sea, rail and road, for delivering goods and services to and from the region. And because we share an overlapping workday with the United States and Europe, teams working with these markets can have more collaborative and productive workdays.

Quality of Life

Since the team is having such productive workdays, they’ll be able to enjoy the many perks of life in Nova Scotia. Many employees choose to find balance in outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, paddling or sailing. They’ll also have peace of mind thanks to a low crime rate, short commuting times, and access to quality education.

How can we help?

We often say Nova Scotia is a place you need to see to believe and we invite you to do just that. Invest Nova Scotia can help by securing meetings, providing intelligence to support your location decision, or curating a site visit that suits your needs.  

Thinking about dipping a toe in the blue ocean? Let’s connect.