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Spotlight on Canadian Maritime Engineering

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Canadian Maritime Engineering (CME) Ltd. is a Canadian leader specializing in advanced manufacturing, industrial services and custom design. From its humble beginnings more than 30 years ago in the marine repair business right here in Nova Scotia, CME now provides national manufacturing and repair services for industries such as oil and gas, mining, power generation, manufacturing and national defence programs.

Nova Scotia Business Inc. sat down with Bob Deveaux, the Vice President of Finance & Corporate Services of CME Ltd., to learn more about the company’s growth and export plans for Nova Scotia.

Q. CME is over thirty-years old, how has the company evolved over the years?
A. CME began as a small local marine repair company that has now grown into a national industrial services provider. Over time CME developed a reputation and a culture of taking on any challenge no matter what the industry. Today that is evident in its diverse customer base across a number of business sectors and industrial applications.

Q. What can you share about CME’s expansion plans?
A. Obviously our business model to date has been to target marine based opportunities and with a focus on national and international opportunities. In order to grow our present business we plan to retain and hire a diverse skill set that will exceed customer needs and expectations no matter how large or small the opportunity.

Q. How big of a role does exporting factor into the company and its growth plans?
A. The company sees a tremendous opportunity as North Sydney is strategically located to take advantage of one of its greatest assets, the ocean. As you know Sydney Harbor has a rich history of marine based repair and construction; with its advantageous location in proximity to North Atlantic shipping lanes, Icelandic as well as other North Atlantic fishing fleets and the St Lawrence Seaway. All of which are opportunities for CME and the province.

Q. What kinds of positions will you be recruiting for?
A. CME is above all else a repair and manufacturing company so we will be employing skilled trades, such as welders, machinists, mechanics and millwrights. These trades will also require support staff such as project coordinators, draft people, administration and other technical support personnel.

Q. What’s the best thing about doing business from Nova Scotia?
A. The people of this province are extremely resourceful and resilient which aligns perfectly with the company’s culture. Nova Scotia has a strong work-life balance where we work hard but also focus on family and community which results in a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Nova Scotia’s greatest asset is the ocean and from CME’s perspective it serves a dual role, one of work and one of play.

CME Ltd. is eligible to receive payroll rebates through Nova Scotia Business Inc., over a five-year period based on achieving specific hiring targets. Learn more about CME Ltd. 

If you are interested in developing your business’s capacity for export, contact your local NSBI Regional Business Development Advisor.