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  • Space and services to grow your business: How our incubation facilities help early stage start-ups

Space and services to grow your business: How our incubation facilities help early stage start-ups

Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Invest Nova Scotia’s incubation facilities offer start-ups the environment to grow stronger, faster – providing access to mentors, investors, and other support.

For resident clients, our incubation facilities are more than just space and infrastructure. They are communities. Yes, they offer on-site support, flexible leasing, and credibility, but they also provide a network of start-up founders and teams who have been in your shoes as well as people who can help you build your business.

We manage three incubation facilities, and while we typically focus on the remarkable group of start-ups inside, today we’re highlighting the sites themselves.

The Labs at Invest Nova Scotia

The Labs targets early stage companies in the life sciences industry, which means most of the resident clients focus on medical devices, digital health, or therapeutics.

In addition to offices and shared spaces (e.g., meeting rooms, a lunchroom), The Labs offers specialized scientific infrastructure otherwise unavailable in the commercial real estate market.

Clients benefit from wet and dry lab space, reverse osmosis water, a chemical neutralization system, low-flow and canopy fume hoods and other sophisticated ventilation, chemical disposal, compressed air, emergency showers, etc. Today, there are 12 wet labs and six dry labs, but that changes as we regularly reconfigure space to meet company needs.

Location is a major advantage at The Labs. Working from 1344 Summer Street in Halifax, the Life Sciences Research Institute and Halifax’s busy knowledge hub – universities, hospitals, the Brain Repair Centre and the National Research Council – are conveniently located nearby.

With flexible leasing arrangements, lab and office space constructed to your needs, 24-hour building access, and more, The Labs is the perfect place to grow your life sciences start-up.

Start-Up Yard at COVE
An emphasis on helping early stage companies commercialize their ocean technologies and succeed in the global marketplace is what draws entrepreneurs to this newly renovated location.

Start-Up Yard is the incubation facility at COVE (Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship) located at 27 Parker Street in Dartmouth. Start-ups benefit from acceleration programs, incubation space and services, funding, shared equipment, expertise, mentoring and wharf access. Current residents include companies developing a way to convert boats to electric propulsion, an underwater acoustics system for fish and marine mammal deterrence and guidance, and an analytical instrumentation for the sensing of hydrocarbons and other chemical compounds in the ocean and atmosphere.

The facility includes open-concept desk space, meeting space and shared workshop and testing facilities, as well as prototype design and fabrication equipment and services.

The Bays at Invest Nova Scotia
Targeting companies in clean technology and a variety of other knowledge-based sectors, The Bays is located at 1 Research Drive in Dartmouth, only minutes away from downtown Halifax.

There’s always a range of start-ups on site. Currently one company is developing graphene coatings to reduce corrosion and biofouling in water, another is working on a way to harvest energy from motion to power marine electronics, and a third is focused on artificial intelligence software for the aquaculture sector. Like The Labs, The Bays offers flexible leasing arrangements and 24-hour access. What makes it stand out is its 38 air-conditioned offices, 10 industrial bay units, including separate entrances, electronic overhead loading docks, 300 sq ft mezzanine area and 21 ft high ceilings.

Residents get everything from our hands-on business guidance to enterprise-grade voice and data networks — everything you need in a facility to gain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

For more information on our facilities, visit the incubation section on our website.