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Carbon Cure in Nova Scotia, Canada

Reducing Global Emissions: CarbonCure

Thursday, July 27, 2017

The carbon utilization industry is expected to reduce global CO2 emissions by 15% and create $1 trillion in value by the year 2030. Concrete is the second most used building material in the world and concrete production accounts for 5% of global CO2 emissions.

CarbonCure provides a way to not only reduce industrial CO2 emissions, but to use waste CO2 to make concrete stronger and less expensive to manufacture. This remarkable technology can be installed in a concrete plant in a single day, allowing concrete producers to almost instantly improve their product while reducing emissions.

"We want to walk before we run, so we are focusing entirely on the North American market before expanding internationally. NSBI helped us to focus our efforts on the US market, where we are experiencing immense growth.”- Robert Niven

Why Nova Scotia?
CarbonCure began with a love story. Founder Robert Niven moved to Nova Scotia to be with his wife, who was studying here. He started a carbon management consulting practice focused on the cement and concrete sector - this funded the initial research and development for the technology. The business grew into CarbonCure with the help of the Shaw Group, which became CarbonCure’s first customer.

What challenges have you faced and overcome?
During the innovation stage, CarbonCure needed to understand the science and develop prototypes to produce a marketable solution. Prior to commercialization, the company hired several engineers to help with initial R&D, which was supported by angel investors and government research grants.

Leading companies have chosen to harness Nova Scotia’s abundance of natural resources through business opportunities and related research and development. 

Where NSBI comes in.
In 2016-2017, the company received funding through the Export Growth Program and the Small Business Development Program to explore new markets. And as Jennifer Wagner explains, they continue to invest in Nova Scotia:

“We’ve doubled our customer count in the last 12 months and there’s no indication that’s going to let up. We’re proud to be headquartered in Nova Scotia. It’s been a fantastic place to grow a clean technology business. We currently have 25 staff, and will continue to look to local universities for our new hires as we grow.” - Robert Niven, CarbonCure

A future in Nova Scotia.
CarbonCure has 50 customers today. In North America alone there are over 10,000 concrete producers; global markets remained untapped.

Interested in export? Nova Scotia Business Inc. is dedicated to supporting the growth of business in Nova Scotia and our team of Regional Business Development Advisors is available to assess your needs and provide practical advice on taking your next steps toward growth in global markets.

Nova Scotia businesses like CarbonCure are focused on building a strong and thriving community for today and for generations to come. We’re proud to be able to support them. Our 2016 - 2017 Annual Report tells their stories. View the full report.