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  • Pocket Finance Launches New Platform to Modernize Client Engagement for Financial Advisors

Pocket Finance Launches New Platform to Modernize Client Engagement for Financial Advisors

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Atlantic Canadian fintech company, Pocket Finance, launched its new digital platform on May 1, which aims to help financial advisors and their clients work together more effectively. 
Pocket Finance is a mobile app and web-based portal for financial professionals and their clients. It's designed to deepen and simplify engagement while helping clients navigate day-to-day financial decisions and complex banking systems and products. 
With baby boomers about to transfer close to $70 trillion in generational wealth to digital-experience-demanding younger generations, Pocket Finance is looking to ensure that older advisors can optimize the value of their books of business. It also hopes younger advisors start out on the right foot to provide great value to the next generation of financial consumers. 
"The vision for Pocket Finance is to become the go-to platform for advisors to manage more clients, more effectively," said Sheldon Brow, founder and CEO of Pocket Finance. "Our technology will allow the overwhelming majority of North Americans who do not have financial advisors to solicit financial advice more effectively when they need it most. Ultimately, our aim is to help consumers manage their finances, no matter where they bank, bridging the existing communication and engagement gap with a customized financial advisory team."
By providing both a personal finance management tool for consumers and a client management/engagement portal for financial advisors, Pocket Finance is designed to suit the needs of older and younger generations during this current transitory period.
Pocket Finance reduces the pain of data entry and administration through its web portal, the features on which include:

  • Helping to streamline data and processes during client onboarding and intermittent pulse checks; 
  • Recognizing real-time opportunities for increased revenue per client and financial planning opportunities; 
  • And offering a tool for day-to-day guidance on spending decisions and complex banking systems to bring daily relevance into high-level strategic planning.

Pocket Finance will improve proactive financial guidance by using machine learning and formulas to recognize opportunities for both advisors and their clients when they arise.

For more information, please contact:

Sheldon Brow, Founder and CEO

May 11, 2022, Halifax, Nova Scotia