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Opportunity Runs Deep

Monday, February 26, 2018

Built for ocean technology.

There’s a place - within steps of office and workshop space - where technology meets the ocean. Where ideas come to life and technical advancements are made. A place where business relationships are formed and collaboration is fostered.

The Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship, or COVE, is a collaborative facility for applied innovation in the ocean sector. Where ocean technologies in various industries — from energy, fisheries and aquaculture, to marine transportation, defence, and tourism — are realized.

View the COVE Ocean Tech or Naval Defence PDF brochure.

Built for ocean technology

Located on a prime waterfront location on one of the largest natural harbours in the world, COVE is home to local and global ocean technology, post-secondary institutions, researchers, and marine-based and service businesses driving the ocean sector. Members of COVE have unparalleled access to the ocean, shared facilities and some of the leading minds in ocean technology.

The Ocean – a well of opportunity

In Nova Scotia, not only has our coastline been shaped by the ocean, but our people and businesses have been too. Whether harnessing its energy potential, exploring its depths, patrolling its boundaries, or leveraging its ability to connect the world, we understand what it takes to succeed in the oceans industries.

A place for established businesses

The amenities available to tenants of COVE include electronics fabrication and testing facilities, mechanical fabrication space, office space, storage spaces, water tanks, waterside marine services for small and large vessels, and shared services such as reception, meeting and conference rooms, and a large multipurpose room for training and events.

Learn more about the impact to be made at COVE.

A place for start-ups

The Start-up Yard at COVE helps early-stage ocean technology companies commercialize their products and services in the global marketplace. This includes programs, incubation space and services, funding, shared equipment, expertise and mentoring.

Learn more about the Start-up Yard at COVE.

The Nova Scotia advantage

COVE is in close proximity to major ocean research institutes and world-leading academic institutions, including:

  • DRDC Atlantic is one of eight research centres located across Canada with a unique combination of expertise and facilities to carry out world-class science and technology research.
  • Dalhousie University – An internationally recognized university, attracting more than 18,800 students around the world, Dalhousie blends transformation academic programs with pioneering research on Canada’s East Coast. Initiatives and partnerships under Dalhousie include:

The future of the ocean economy

Experience it for yourself. We invite you to visit Nova Scotia. In just one day, we’ll introduce you to who you need to know—from government partners to operational support experts, to university faculty. We have people on the ground in all regions of Nova Scotia, as well as a network of global connections.

Nova Scotia has ocean experts, innovative infrastructure, and a culture of collaboration. We are built for ocean technology.

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