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Nova Scotia dives deeper in ocean technology

Friday, June 6, 2014

Nova Scotia is surrounded by over 7,000 kilometres of coastline so, no matter where you go in the province, you are never far from the sea. Our shores are home to ocean and marine technology businesses and experts – all diving deeper into research, development, and innovation.

The global market value of ocean-related goods and services is estimated at over $3 trillion. With more than 200 ocean-related companies and 60 high-tech innovators, the province is quickly becoming a globally-recognized hub of oceans expertise.

In fact, over 20% of all research and development businesses in Nova Scotia are innovating  the ocean technology sector here. Over 600 scientists, engineers, and other researchers work out of the Bedford Institute of Oceanography studying environmental management, sovereignty and defense, and health and safety. Another 200 ocean-related researchers and academics work out of Dalhousie University.

Nova Scotia also has the highest concentration of ocean tech companies involved in acoustics, sensors, and instrumentation – considered a key opportunity for growth in this sector.

“The province recognizes the powerful role, and the incredible potential, of the oceans sector in our economy, environment, and culture,” says Troy Sawler, Trade Development Executive, Nova Scotia Business Inc. “It has the potential to be a significant contributor to a number of global value chains associated with the oceans sector.”

The infographic shows a complete picture of how Nova Scotia takes full advantage of its enviable location so close to sea.

View the full Ocean Technology infographic (PDF)