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Halifax longing, London calling

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Meet ConnectNS network member Scott Furlotte, a Nova Scotian entrepreneur who has cracked the code on living in two places at once.

Scott is a Business Psychologist and Management Consultant with over 14 years experience in leadership, management, and consulting for the private, public and nonprofit sectors. After having worked in the United States, Ireland, and the United Kingdom, Scott found himself quite torn between settling in his hometown of Halifax, or in his new found love - London.  Thanks to his recently founded boutique consulting firm, Thinking Cap Business Psychologists, he won’t have to decide. With a roster of international clients, this Harvard graduate and his team of associates are able to provide personalized sessions via Skype from any city across the globe.

We recently caught up with Scott to discuss his thoughts on what makes Nova Scotia a place to keep coming home to.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “Nova Scotia”?

Tradition, music, seafood, languages and the ocean.

What do you love most about doing what you do professionally?

Seeing people and organizations become more efficient, profitable and happier.

I also love that I work with clients and associates all over the world. For example, so far today I have Skyped with people in the United Kingdom, Germany, the US and Malaysia.

What’s the best lesson you ever learned?

You need to commit yourself to taking the steps to do something. The metaphor I use is to “throw your backpack”. Picture a young person trying to climb a fence, if they throw their backpack over first, then they have no choice but to climb it! If I am planning goals I like to tell people about them and include them as a way to commit myself to keep going.

What’s the greatest asset Nova Scotia can offer your industry?

Being an international practice in the Atlantic Time Zone has great benefits in dealing with clients and associates in far off places. The morning is great for doing business in the United Kingdom and Europe, while evening works for clients in California and British Columbia.  The biggest assets Nova Scotia has for our industry are the great post-secondary institutions. Our practice is driven by research, so having the great resources and graduates from our universities and Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) adds immense value to our practice and delivery.

When you’re in London, what do you miss most about Nova Scotia?

Whenever I am away from Halifax for extended periods, I miss the familiarity of bumping into friends while out and seeing familiar faces. The other thing is my favourite donair from the Big Wedge in the North End. 

Scott Furlotte is a member of the ConnectNS network of proud Nova Scotians, friends, alumni, and expats from over 40 countries. Learn how you too can get involved.