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  • Global tech leader Virtusa looks to drive digital transformation in Nova Scotia

Global tech leader Virtusa looks to drive digital transformation in Nova Scotia

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Nova Scotia is gaining global recognition for a highly educated workforce, tech-friendly environment, and neighbourly business style. Add in an envious ocean lifestyle, and it’s no wonder global tech leaders like digital engineering company, Virtusa, are choosing Nova Scotia.

Virtusa, who partners with tech giants like Google, Amazon and Adobe, collaborates with thousands of clients in numerous sectors around the globe.

As the company expands into new regions, Virtusa chose Halifax, Nova Scotia, as their next Canadian location. Sunirmal Chakraborty, Senior Vice President of Virtusa’s Canadian chapter, shares why.

“It’s the people. Virtusa is very attracted to the talent Halifax offers. We are focused on recruiting and developing future leaders from all corners of the globe. If you look at the last 10 years, our average annual growth has been to the tune of about 22%. Halifax has the talent and supportive local organizations to create that conducive environment for business to flourish.”

Combining a deep engineering heritage with industry expertise, Virtusa works with clients to help them maximize the benefits of new technologies. By inspiring digital innovation and driving transformational change, Virtusa enables businesses to operate more efficiently while improving their customer experience.

Chakraborty expects many new, impactful projects to occur in the Halifax location. His goal is to build a motivated team in Halifax that wants to spark innovation, one sprint at a time. And as Virtusa continues to grow, the focus remains on attracting a diverse and talented workforce.

“Virtusa is first and foremost a people-first organization,” says Eujish Selvaraj, Client Engagement Manager and soon-to-be Halifax resident.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Virtusa ensured no employee struggled, setting up a 24/7 helpline and care portal so every employee could access online care from anywhere in the world. The company even went as far as to convert their offices in Hyderabad, India, into an interim hospital, providing in-home care, and supporting employees and their families through the ongoing pandemic. 

“That's the level of love and affection Virtusa tries to maintain for all associates,” says Selvaraj. “And it's all possible due to technologies, our volunteers, and the way our HR and global leadership team goes the extra mile.”

Employees at the Virtusa Halifax office can expect the same level of support and investment where continuous learning is built into the corporate culture. Team members are encouraged to learn new skills, earn certifications, and use emerging technologies. Being an IT company, skills typical of data engineers and full stack developers are of interest to Virtusa as they begin to source talent for the Halifax office, however, personality remains the most important factor.

“We look for raw talent. We want to give people an opportunity to bring out the best in themselves,” says Selvaraj. “Virtusa looks for people who are innovative, who think differently and can approach solving a problem in 10 different ways.”

Virtusa aims to hit the ground running in Halifax, bringing top talent from around the world to help train the new team. As Virtusa looks to the future, they have identified three key focus areas for the Halifax office:

  • Cloud transformation; accelerating cloud solution adoption and streamlining transition to cloud-based solutions while reducing costs
  • Designing solutions for clients to drive digital transformation both internally and externally
  • Finding efficiencies either through cost reduction or automation

“This really is a big change for us and our clients – it is a huge value add,” says Chakraborty. “It's important for us that we have team members that are innovative, that know about the latest technology and want to help us build together.”


The newest Virtusa office, located in downtown Halifax, focuses on FinTech, expanding and supporting the company’s prominence in the banking and financial services sector and other industries. Learn more about Virtusa here.