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  • Electrifying tomorrow: Nova Scotia emerges as a global hub for disruptive clean technologies

Electrifying tomorrow: Nova Scotia emerges as a global hub for disruptive clean technologies

Monday, June 28, 2021

The success of Nova Scotia’s growing clean tech sector is owed in part to the increasing collaboration between the private and public sectors. Spun out of Dr. Jeff Dahn’s lab at Dalhousie University, NOVONIX Battery Technology Solutions is a prime example of what is possible when you combine academic innovation with a connected and invested local business environment. With state-of-the-art battery testing solutions, NOVONIX is at the forefront of a cleaner future in Nova Scotia and around the world.

This is an impressive story of growth and of seizing opportunities when available. It shows Nova Scotia businesses can compete globally, even in an incredibly competitive and fast-moving space like lithium-ion battery R+D, materials production and manufacturing.

-NOVONIX Chief Scientific Advisor, Dr. Jeff Dahn

Industry leaders in the energy storage and battery space

As the world transitions to and adopts renewable energy sources, building confidence in energy storage systems is key. Led by CEO Dr. Chris Burns, NOVONIX is supporting the world’s growing need for reliable, high-performing, and lower cost lithium-ion batteries through its testing technologies and battery materials.

NOVONIX provides ultra-high precision coulometry cyclers, or UHPC, systems. These systems leverage industry-leading accuracy and precision to shorten the test duration to understand how lithium-ion cells will perform over their lifetime. Lithium-ion batteries are essential in the transition from non-renewable energy sources and require decades-long lifespans. End-users can trust these lithium-ion cells to maintain their high performance as NOVONIX’s UHPC systems provide reliable lifetime evaluation.

“Nova Scotia has been a great home for the research and development arm of the business as we continue to serve customers around the world,” says CEO Dr. Chris Burns. “There is great local support for growth in the company. The Payroll Rebate and the ability to help develop and onboard talent from the local universities is a huge asset.”

NOVONIX BTS CEO, Dr. Chris Burns, and Chief Scientific Advisor, Jeff Dahn

Expanding and recruiting to meet a growing global demand for renewable and green energy

As global demand for renewable and green energy grows, NOVONIX is expanding all aspects of the company and recruiting talent for scientific, engineering and management roles. This includes hiring local talent as well as bringing expertise from outside of Nova Scotia. Working closely with Nova Scotia universities gives NOVONIX access to skilled future employees, and students get hands-on experience working with an industry leader on impactful projects, taking trailblazing technologies from the lab to the global marketplace.

Dr. Burns, along with some of the team, spent time under the supervision of NOVONIX Chief Scientific Advisor Dr. Jeff Dahn in his lab at Dalhousie University. Dr. Burns continues to foster this close connection to Nova Scotia’s many universities, creating a mutually beneficial relationship. This includes Dr. Mark Obrovac’s research group at Dalhousie University, which recently committed to a five-year collaborative research agreement. Several former students of this research group are now NOVONIX employees.

As NOVONIX expands, they have added space to their current Bedford facility, and recently purchased an additional 35,000 square foot facility in Dartmouth, access to incentives and programs such as payroll and innovation rebates assists in NOVONIX’s accelerated growth.

A view inside the Bedford-based NOVONIX facility

Shaping the future of battery technology

NOVONIX is working towards an electrified tomorrow. Breaking the bonds of geographic regions, NOVONIX includes synthetic graphite anode capabilities in the US and strategic partnerships with companies around the world. From energy storage systems to the electrification of transportation, NOVONIX is an integral player in some of the world’s fastest growing value chains. 

With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of their customers, NOVONIX is shaping the future of battery technology, making it faster, cheaper and cleaner. As the ecosystem for battery materials and technologies continues to develop, it is no doubt NOVONIX will play a critical role in that growth. NOVONIX’s team of creative engineers and scientists is working right here in Nova Scotia to meet the world’s urgent needs for better battery technology solutions. 

NOVONIX Battery Technology Solutions is a recent recipient of a Nova Scotia Business Inc. Payroll Rebate. To learn more about the incentives and programs offered by Nova Scotia Business Inc., visit Invest in Nova Scotia