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A Digital Peacock Feather in Her Cap

A digital peacock feather in her cap

Friday, June 4, 2021

If you’ve been lucky enough to see a peacock in real life, you understand why these large, colourful birds are famous for their six-foot long blue and green iridescent tails. They display their shimmering feathers with confidence and grace, while symbolizing strength and courage.

Anita Kirkbride, owner and founder of Twirp Communications, recently underwent a complete re-brand through the Nova Scotia Business Inc. Digital Adoption Program (DAP). Her inspiration? The peacock. Her new podcast? #BeFlawsome: The Good Enough Podcast. Her mission? Empower small business owners to take charge of their social media marketing.

Peacock feathers are unique like fingerprints. They look fantastic to us; however, each is individual (and flawed) and therefore ‘flawsome.’ It means that you’re awesome and wonderful, even if you have flaws.

Anita Kirkbride, owner and founder of Twirp Communications

I’ve learned successful social media users are present, consistent, and most importantly, authentic. I believe with some guidance and support you can do this completely on your own, she says.

Since it was Twirp’s milestone 10th anniversary this year, Kirkbride saw an opportunity to shift the core function of her business with a focus of targeting potential customers outside Nova Scotia. This meant a new brand, website and podcast. The barrier to moving forward was cost.

Kirkbride had struggled in the past accessing funding programs due to the size of her company, i.e. a sole owner and employee wearing multiple hats. Hearing about DAP through an acquaintance on Facebook, Kirkbride applied online at www.novascotiabusiness.com.

After completing the online application form and a few emails, she was granted mission-critical digital adoption funding for the purchase of a new microphone, ring light, gimbal, webcam and consulting services to assist with the re-brand and podcast launch. With her new webcam, Kirkbride is recording 4K video, a critical quality requirement to Twirp’s growth plan as she is planning on introducing online courses.

You have everything you need to manage your own social media marketing. And I’m not just saying that to fluff your feathers, either.

Tune into Kirkbride’s podcast “#BeFlawsome: The Good Enough Podcast” by visiting beflawsome.ca or by searching through Apple podcasts. 

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