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Conquer Mobile in Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Conquer Mobile: Bringing Unique Technology to Nova Scotia

Conquer Mobile: Bringing Unique Technology to Nova Scotia

Monday, June 26, 2017

A Custom Learning Experience.
The team at Vancouver-based Conquer Mobile knows success in technology is found through education.

Through the development of 3D measurement apps, smart sensors, virtual reality (VR) and simulation, Conquer Mobile is devoted to combining these technical smarts to make learning more compelling.

“We have been working with groups in Halifax for over three years to bring this new technology to life,” says Angela Robert, CEO, Conquer Mobile.

Today, Conquer Mobile is excited to announce that it is now expanding operations in Nova Scotia, and introducing a unique new product that will leverage the growing trend in training gamification to improve skills and deliver better patient outcomes in Nova Scotia and beyond.

Health and Technology
With a desire to push simulation forward, Conquer Mobile began to conduct research and development through key partnerships in Halifax.

“In 2009, Dr. David Clarke performed the world’s first virtual reality brain surgery using a neurosurgery simulation in Halifax, and this led us to uncover what new technology could push boundaries,” says Ms. Robert. 

Dr. David Clarke and Dr. Ryan Darcy were on the team that developed the Neurotouch Simulator by the National Research Council.  They had a vision to reach more clinicians with simulation. It was through this thinking that PeriopSim was developed with Conquer Mobile.

“PeriopSim is simulation training designed specifically for perioperative nurses, it enables nurses to learn instruments step by step, and prepare for unfamiliar procedures,” says Ms. Robert. “We worked directly with surgeons, nurses and educators to ensure nurses were able to gain confidence before going into the operating room.”

Why Expand in Nova Scotia?
“Nova Scotia’s reputation in this industry is admirable, so we are confident we will be able to find the right mix of new graduates and seasoned professionals to meet our immediate recruitment needs,” says Ms. Robert. “We are also assured by the great institutions within the province who offer specialized programs and thorough research and development.”

Conquer Mobile also benefits from Nova Scotia’s tight knit community and business partnerships. “When we are in Nova Scotia, we are with a community that wants us to succeed. You are not jumping into a partnership with a bunch of strangers, it is a very supportive environment." 

What’s Next?
Conquer Mobile is launching their Content Studio in Halifax and is referred to as Conquer Studio. Conquer Studio is responsible for simulation content creation and working closely with clinicians. Conquer Studios' strengths will be production of videography, audio, 2D and 3D art. They plan to be fully operational in the province fall 2017.

With sixteen training modules completed to date, Conquer Mobile plans to ramp up its efforts to include multiple surgery areas, and to sell its products to hospitals across Canada and the United States.

As Angela Robert explains, “It will be like a hospital buying a Netflix account: everyone gets access to simulations.”

“We are excited to get started in Nova Scotia. Conquer Mobile is bringing new skills and capacity that were not here before, and we look forward to adding to the already flourishing information technology space in the province.”   

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