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  • Canada's Ocean Supercluster in Nova Scotia: Robert Orr

Canada's Ocean Supercluster in Nova Scotia: Robert Orr

Monday, September 10, 2018

In May, 2018, NSBI attended Movin'ON, the international summit on sustainable mobility where the objective was to move from ambition to action. As part of the event, Robert Orr, Managing Partner of Cuna del Mar sat down for an interview about Canada's Ocean Supercluster and its impact in Nova Scotia.

We have an educated workforce, a capacity to communicate, and what we're looking to do is leverage that and start to build a real global center of excellence for ocean technologies.

- Robert Orr

Watch the video:

Read the transcript here.

Quick facts about Nova Scotia’s Ocean Tech industry and Canada’s Ocean Supercluster:

  • One-in-five jobs in Nova Scotia are connected to the ocean
  • More than 300 companies are doing oceans-sector business in Nova Scotia, including more than 60 innovators of new, high-tech products and services.
  • The ambition of the Ocean Supercluster is to create high-value jobs, invest in high-impact projects, and bolster the performance of Canada’s ocean industries by accelerating the adoption of new technologies and fostering connectivity between companies and innovators.
  • The federal government and private sector's co-investment in the Ocean Supercluster positions Canada to become a global leader in the knowledge-based ocean economy.
  • This is an industry-led proposal, focused on building upon Canada's world-class ocean-related business activity, research capacity, and proven technology expertise.
  • Ocean resources are one of Canada's most significant potential advantages, with the longest coastline and the fourth largest ocean territory in the world.

To learn more about Canada's Ocean Supercluster, visit their website.