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  • 8 reasons why Nova Scotia chocolates are as unique as they are yummy

8 reasons why Nova Scotia chocolates are as unique as they are yummy

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Chocolate has quite literally become a pot of gold in the province of Nova Scotia. In fact, between 2016 and 2017, our chocolate sales increased by 233%, and in the past five years we have exported chocolate to the US, France, Cuba, the UK, Uruguay, and Ireland.

In addition to the deliciousness of the chocolate, we’ve discovered that there are some very interesting things that contribute to the uniqueness of Nova Scotia chocolate.

Here’s a little taste (ha!):

  1. The Sweet Spot Chocolate Shop in Elmsdale has bragging rights to being named one of the best chocolate shops across Canada by the Huffington Post. And #handsintheair for the chocolate covered gummy bears and red licorice! [#DYK that your favourite centre or filling can tell you a lot about yourself? Find out more via their Chocolate Horoscope.]
  2. Nothing says Nova Scotia more than chocolate in the shape of seashells, fish and other marine creatures made by Halifax-based Rousseau Chocolatier. Their Lobster Lolly also deserves special mention. Plus, 17 different flavours of French macarons?!  Oui, s'il vous plaît!
  3. The Appleton Chocolates Company, in Tatamagouche, makes very fine hand-dipped chocolates featuring the traditional sweet flavours of the Maritimes (and of Nova Scotia, in particular) — wild blueberries, cranberries, cherries and maple syrup. Conveniently enough, at least seven daily servings of ‘fruit’ is required in the new Canada’s Food Guide. #mostlytruefacts
  4. Jill’s Chocolates are handcrafted in Iona, Cape Breton, with the disclaimer that ‘excessive use of chocolate can lead to hysterical bouts of euphoria, and uncontrollable finger licking. Use caution whilst indulging in said chocolate’. Rumour also has it that the late Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, Tom Petty, is quoted as saying that Jill’s sea salt caramel chocolates ‘melted his heart’.
  5. Bean-to-bar chocolate is crafted to ‘delight your chocolate palate’ by Petite Patrie Chocolate in Canning. Owner and chocolate maker, Gabrielle Breault, discovered that her Acadian ancestors had lived nearby, making the area her homeland, or as the Acadians would call it, my “patrie”. A wise mentor once told her that ‘if you’re in the chocolate business and you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong!’
  6. Antigonish is home to Peace by Chocolate, a Syrian family tradition where a blend of Syrian fillings and ingredients including local fresh organic honey, 100% pure juices, nuts, fruits and spices are combined to create a "little slice of heaven with every sweet." The Hadhad family relocated from Syria, where for over 20 years, their chocolate factory shipped specialty treats all over the Middle East to countries like Yemen, Jordan and Lebanon.
  7. You'll know when New Glasgow's Chapel Cove Chocolate is open for business when owner, Allan Keefe, has a sign, with three horseshoes making the three Cs in the company name, posted at the driveway. Allan and his handcrafted chocolates can also be found at the New Glasgow Farmers Market on Saturdays — look for the signature cowboy hat! 
  8. Located in Halifax, Gourmandises Avenue is home to Master Chocolatier Jean-Pierre Gallois and Yseult Bertic, both from France. The combination of their love for fine chocolate, Nova Scotia and each other are the secret ingredients that make their professionally handmade delicacies that are crafted with the traditional French style and spirit so very special.

Have we missed your favourite chocolate shop or know of some other fun Nova Scotian chocolate-related facts? Tweet us at @nsbi!

Disclaimer: Several chocolates *may* have been harmed in the making of this article.