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Get in the (Time) Zone

More of a Talent Ocean than a Talent Pool
Canada's East Coast, Nova Scotia


Get in the (Time) Zone

Our strategic location - sharing the same workday as the United States and Europe - provides fast and reliable access to world markets.

Save time and money.

Global access makes it easy for you to operate internationally. Our strategic location on Canada's East Coast provides easy, fast, and reliable access to world markets. And because we share the same workday with the United States and Europe, this can translate into improved productivity for companies in Nova Scotia.

Benefits of Nova Scotia's location Nova Scotia's reliable infrastructure and exceptional location offer plenty of advantages. These include:

Reduced travel time Halifax, Nova Scotia, is two hours closer geographically by air to Europe than any other North American destination, and closer to New York and Boston than it is to any other major Canadian city. By ship, businesses using our ports take advantage of being only a day’s sail to New York, which means Nova Scotia is an entire day's sail closer to major markets in northern Europe than any other North American port.

Convenient harbour access Nova Scotia features an abundance of natural, year-round, ice-free harbours with depths ranging from 65 feet draft on Halifax Harbour to 200 feet draft on the Strait of Canso, giving it the deepest cargo berths on Canada's east coast.

Shorter customs wait times Nova Scotia is home to the only US preclearance facility in Atlantic Canada, and offers 24/7 Canada Customs services—plus NEXUS and CANPASS programs for frequent travellers.

Reliable transportation infrastructure Our transportation system is an efficient and reliable combination of air, road, rail, and sea infrastructure, to meet supply chain management and logistics needs. This allows businesses to move people and products in and out of North America faster than any other gateway on the east coast.

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