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  • Growing success in Nova Scotia

Growing success in Nova Scotia

We all want to make a difference in the world. Nova Scotia businesses work hard to make a difference — to succeed in a world where success is never a guarantee.

Success is hard. The late nights. The travel. The waiting. And the nail-biting reality of “will this work?”

NSBI has a vital mission: we drive economic momentum in Nova Scotia, and we do it by attracting investment, and by supporting businesses in all communities to be more successful exporters.

We are Nova Scotians working for positive outcomes for Nova Scotians, and we do it by rolling up our sleeves and working next to entrepreneurs, by attracting the right companies to locate here, and by telling the story of this province and all that it has to offer.

Every Nova Scotian knows you don’t need to be big to make a big impact. You just need to keep on going until you succeed.

These are our stories of working towards a strong, thriving, and globally competitive Nova Scotia.

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Story of the year: Oceans

"The Ocean Supercluster will create an integrated network of relationships amongst industry, regulators, researchers, technology developers, and policy-makers. Canada’s Ocean Supercluster based here in Atlantic Canada will generate $300 million in investment in the next five years."

Turning the world on its ear – Geospectrum Technologies

"We’re here to stay, we’re here to innovate, we’re here to hire, we’re here to compete, and we’re here to give back to Nova Scotia."

Seeding innovation for export growth – Copol International Ltd.

"The voucher program with NSBI was very helpful. We needed to invest time and money into figuring out whether there was a project there. That was a stumbling block because such an investment can be risky. The voucher program allowed us to go ahead and do that research together. It allowed us to get off the ground."

Growing the exporters of tomorrow – Dr. Paw

"From NSBI we learned that entrepreneurs need to think about exporting. You need to pick your target market and put the time into LOTS of research and understanding about the rules of selling across borders."

Creating connections for impact – Totally Raw Pet Food

"Nova Scotia is the best place for our business, partly because we have access to those incredible advisors and because agencies like NSBI and ACOA support us and work with us as our company grows. But a big part of the brand cachet and value is in its ties to local, to the ocean, and to our lifestyle. Being in Nova Scotia is a real asset."

Investing in innovation for global competitiveness – A.F. Theriault & Son Ltd.

"We employ 225 people, and being proud of what we accomplish at the end of the day is very important for us. When people drive by and see all the cars in our parking lot, and see our people working hard, it means the dock is full. It means the economy in southwestern Nova Scotia is moving forward."

Building export capacity fuels growth into new markets – Keeping Roads Safe Technologies Inc.

"With the help of the great staff at NSBI, we’re able to navigate the many programs available to grow exports. It would have been hard for us to reach the European market in the way we did without their help."

Nova Scotia film making waves internationally – Blac Op Films Inc.

"The Incentive Fund is a great program, and it’s huge for a small project like us to be able to fill such a large percentage of our financing, knowing that NSBI is there to help us. They’re fantastic."

Sales Beacon scales the heights – Sales Beacon

"We’ve transformed the company over the last couple of years as a result of the advice we’ve been able to access with NSBI support."