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A 'Trust the Label' Nova Scotia Food and Beverage logo overlaid on a photo of blueberries.

Trust the Label: a truly organic approach

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Occasionally, someone says something so marvellously memorable that you immediately feel the need to write it down. It might be especially clever, or authentic, or perfectly summarizes what you’re trying to say. And sometimes, it’s all the above.

That’s exactly what happened the first time we heard Master Chef Chris Velden say the words, “Trust the label, it’s coming from Nova Scotia, it stands for something.”

His words completely captured what we were trying to share with the world. Nova Scotia food and beverage products and producers are continuously gaining international recognition for quality and reliability.

Chris Velden pours food from a pot into a dish while another man facing him films it.
Chris Velden sits on a chair while another man stands behind a camera next to a large umbrella light and films him.
A black apron featuring the logo of The Flying Apron Inn and Cookery.

While it may have originated as an unscripted remark from a chef during a video shoot, “Trust the Label” is now the driving force behind our Nova Scotia food and beverage campaigns. And when you consider the source and the subject matter, we can’t help but think the organic approach and sentiment of “Trust the Label” is perfectly on brand.

See “Trust the Label” in action below and meet Master Chef (and wordsmith) Chris Velden of the Flying Apron Inn & Cookery. We’re also including the recipes for all the featured dishes.

Featured Recipes

Onion Bacon Dip with Knoydart Cheese
Artisan Crackers
Blue Harbour Cheese stuffed Pork Tenderloin with Blueberry Gastrique
Apple and Cranberry Buckwheat Galette

Special thanks to Chris Velden and everyone at the Flying Apron Inn & Cookery.

Learn more about “Trust the Label” and the high-quality food and beverages being produced in Nova Scotia and contact us about agri-food export.