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Selling to the US - What you need to know

Thursday, April 13, 2017

It is essential to be familiar with permissible business activities, and the immigration process.

Last month, with the help of four American licensed immigration lawyers, we held an event covering work permits to visa applications and cross-border activity. Our attendees left the event with a broader understanding of these topics, and a new outlook for American business opportunities.

If you were not able to attend, watch the video or listen to the podcast below for the full discussion and questions from the audience. And for additional information from Export Development Canada on entering the US Market, read their whitepaper on Logistics and Best Practices

“You cannot sell your services in the US as a business visitor, you need employment authorization” – Blair Hodgman

“If you’re attending a conference or having business meetings in the US you should have those documents and answers prepared at the border”- Alex Israel

“They want to see that the investment is a risk, and that it’s real” – Ellen Kief on the treaty trader and treaty investor

“There are plans for the permanent residence investment to go up, so if you have $500,000 and want to get a green card, now is the time to do it.” – Bruce Allen

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