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  • Program Spotlight: The agri-food industry uses video to tell the whole story

Program Spotlight: The agri-food industry uses video to tell the whole story

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

The Province’s agri-food and beverage industry was busy delivering the tastes of Nova Scotia to the world when the pandemic hit. A growing wine industry receiving international acclaim, new and innovative agri-tech solving challenges of food waste, a focus on an increase in efficient and sustainable supply chains – perhaps no other industry was more dependent on getting in front of customers when travel ceased and the world came to a halt.

Surrounded by water, Nova Scotia enjoys a moderate climate and a growing season that can stretch well into November. With more than 3,000 farms, 2,000 businesses, and approximately 12,000 jobs linked to agriculture and the agri-food and beverage industry, Nova Scotia is home to a wide variety of food, beverage, and agri-tech products that are enjoyed by customers all over the world.

The challenge presented by the pandemic: how to continue to reach those customers remotely while addressing other implications of the pandemic, including an increase in food costs, product safety concerns, and a change in shopping behaviour with the growth of e-commerce and online services?

The solution was in showing, not telling.

A videographer records people sitting at the Benjamin Bridge winery
A platter of food and drinks taken at Benjamin Bridge winery

Photos: Benjamin Bridge winery

In response to COVID-19, Nova Scotia Business Inc. introduced the Digital Marketing Asset Development Program (DMADP). Designed to support companies who traditionally rely on international tradeshows and other face-to-face engagements, the program helps to create high-quality marketing videos. The videos showcase not just products, but in some cases, the company’s complete operational process, addressing food safety and sustainability practices as well as production capacity concerns.

While video has steadily climbed the ranks of the most engaging content types across all marketing channels, COVID-19 officially crowned it king. With the absence of travel and in-person meetings, companies turned to video marketing to deliver tours, enable conversations, and demo products.

After launching in 2020 with the ocean-tech sector, DMADP delivered 19 marketing and sales-focused videos for clients in the agri-food industry in 2021, including five in the Annapolis Valley – Benjamin Bridge, Annapolis Cider, Lightfoot & Wolfville, Shivani’s Kitchen and Scotian Gold Cooperative.

If you are wondering what we do behind the scenes to get those beautiful apples to your table check out this awesome video! A big thanks to Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI)!

Scotian Gold (Facebook, October 25, 2021)

Of course, the success of a video is determined by who sees it. Getting it in front of the right audiences is critical to drive engagement and lead generation. NSBI developed and shared best practices in video marketing – from how to create a YouTube channel, to imbedding video on websites, to promoting cuts on social media and tagging partners.

Even as we transition into a post-pandemic world, companies continue to see the value video marketing plays in today’s business environment. DMADP supported companies with the development of custom marketing videos to elevate their international sales efforts during the pandemic. Today, it continues to help them succeed in the new and increasingly competitive digital sales reality.

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