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Victoria Co-operatives Fisheries products in Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Pristine Waters: Victoria Co-operative Fisheries

Pristine Waters: Victoria Co-operative Fisheries

Thursday, July 27, 2017

"The world consumes protein. A big percentage of that protein comes from the sea. Nova Scotia’s unique pristine waters and well-managed fishery let us sell prime quality seafood to customers around the world.”

Why Nova Scotia?
Victoria Co-operative Fisheries was founded in 1956 during the Antigonish Movement, a grassroots movement that allowed small resource-based communities to improve their economic future through co-operative development and production. Through careful investment and management of stocks, the co-op grew over the subsequent years, returning all revenues to the community. In 2016, the co-op’s total sales exceeded $30 million and its products are sold across Canada and the United States, in Europe, and in Asia.

What challenges have you faced and overcome?
Newly open markets in Europe and increasing worldwide demand for high-quality seafood mean there’s a strong demand for Victoria Co-operative Fisheries products, but they face significant challenges reaching those markets. “Different markets have different formats, so we need to get to the local trade shows to see what the seafood buyers want. We can’t afford the logistical cost to visit these shows and demonstrate our products,” says Osborne Burke, General Manager, Victoria Co-operative Fisheries.

Where NSBI comes in.
In 2016, NSBI also worked with government partners to promote the new Nova Scotia Seafood brand, a brand that highlights producers of high-quality seafood such as Victoria Co-operative Fisheries.

“NSBI provided Victoria Co-operative Fisheries with logistical support to attend trade shows and connect with local buyers in strategic export markets. With this support, Victoria Co-operative Fisheries could allocate its marketing funds to the markets that have the best potential for returns.” 

NSBI can help your Nova Scotia business explore new markets and opportunities through initiatives like Trade Missions and the Export Growth Program. Find out more about available growth opportunities here.

A future in Nova Scotia.
Victoria Co-operative Fisheries partnered with NSBI to expand into markets in China. The goal for the expansion was to export at least two shipping containers of seafood. The results exceeded expectations. In 2016, Victoria Co-operative Fisheries exported six containers to China – and embarked on plans to expand into Vietnam.

Interested in export? Nova Scotia Business Inc. is dedicated to supporting the growth of business in Nova Scotia and our team of Regional Business Development Advisors is available to assess your needs and provide practical advice on taking your next steps toward growth in global markets.

Nova Scotia businesses like Victoria Co-operative Fisheries are focused on building a strong and thriving community for today and for generations to come. We’re proud to be able to support them. Our 2016 - 2017 Annual Report tells their stories. View the full report.