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Michique: Making waves in the fashion industry

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Run by twin sisters, Michelle and Monique, Michique is making waves in the fashion world. The sisters create these unique handbags in their Sydney, NS home and their designs have graced the arms of royalty, first ladies, and movie stars.

Michelle and Monique, with a combined 40 years in the textile industry, got their start by creating high-end custom draperies. After several years, however, they decided to channel that talent into a product they were both passionate about — handbags.

Michique is the perfect example of NSBI’s creativity and flexibility supporting local business. The company’s involvement with NSBI grew out of a brainstorming session in Marketing and Communications, which developed into a social media campaign that has since taken Michique around the world.

In 2010, with the G8 Summit approaching, NSBI noticed the lack of discussion and awareness for the women of the summit — including Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel. After tossing some ideas around the table, the team approached local artisans about creating a fashion line tailored for each woman of the G8 Summit. The NSBI team began by approaching the Nova Scotia Designer Craft Council and the Nova Scotia Craft Alliance, reaching out to their members and inviting them to participate in the program. In order to create unique fashion lines, they chose four companies with very different styles and products: Michique, Donna Hiebert, LouLou Bell, and Glass Harp Gallery, who then designed and produced items named after each woman.

For Michique, this was a turning point in their business. With all the buzz surrounding the company’s unique and beautiful handbags, Michique was picked up by the DPA Group Gifting Suite company to participate at the Toronto International Film Festival. Having found great success there, the company was invited to Hollywood to participate in a gifting suite at the Golden Globes and from there, off to the Cannes International Film Festival. Michique has used the momentum from each success and now reached the point where Michelle and Monique must decide if they want to expand or remain exclusive.

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