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MediaVoice: Bringing Voice Over to China

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Nestled in the heart of Newport, Nova Scotia, is a little company with a very big voice.

Created by David Bannerman in 2003, MediaVoice is a professional voice over and sound design company that provides voice overs for projects including e-learning courses, audio books, videos games, professional translation, radio, and more.

After thirteen years in business, Mr. Bannerman saw an opportunity for MediaVoice to expand its business into China. Recognizing that MediaVoice operates digitally, and the required infrastructure for operation is high-speed capability, he says it was a natural progression for the company to enter a new market.

With an operational plan in place, and an engaged client, Mr. Bannerman sought consultation advice from Nova Scotia Business Inc. to help him navigate through common international export challenges.

Nova Scotia Business Inc.’s Export Development Team received Mr. Bannerman’s request through their website contact form. The NSBI team assessed the needs of the company and provided recommendations regarding contractual obligations, navigating financial challenges, insurance tips, and market positioning.

“I admit I was both surprised and impressed. We received three emails and phone replies from NSBI within 24 hours, and the first was received the very same afternoon I sent the request for help. I’m not used to seeing an immediate ‘team’ response to a simple online inquiry,” said Mr. Bannerman. “I needed quick answers as we were in the middle of a services procurement tender process with an international client in a market we’ve never serviced before. The support and advice we received from NSBI was extremely helpful and expeditious.”

Prepared with market knowledge, MediaVoice was able to confidently approach their potential partner in China, and Bannerman says his company has since gained two new clients from international markets.

“Our interaction with NSBI had an immediate impact on our confidence and on our growth strategy. Online connectivity to the world has opened a world of possibilities for our rural-based studio and we have world class professional talent here in Nova Scotia. Accessing NSBI’s expertise has allowed us to predict imminent MediaVoice growth within the next year in a foreign market we hadn’t dreamed of providing voicing and audio design services to ten years ago.”

NSBI offers advisory services for companies that are seeking to secure new business in national and international markets. Whether you're developing a new product or service, expanding export markets or increasing production capacity — we can help. Our Regional Business Development team has the expertise to support businesses of any size in any location within Nova Scotia. Contact us for more information.