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Nova Scotia Fishing Boat

Know your Fisherman, on a Global Scale

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

One of the greatest advantages of living in Nova Scotia is buying fresh seafood from local fishermen on the way home from work.

For those not lucky enough to have this tasty convenience, finding fresh seafood or knowing how the product made its way to your table can be challenging.

That’s why the Nova Scotia seafood industry is working on improving traceability. So consumers can easily identify the where, when and how of their seafood choices.  


A way of life for generations

In Nova Scotia, local seafood distributors work directly with fishermen to ensure seafood is being pulled responsibility from the waters. Fishing has been a way of life in Nova Scotia for generations; the fishermen respect the sea and take the upmost care in sustaining it.

Tracing farmed fish and seafood as they travel through the supply chain allows aquaculture operations to demonstrate to consumers, retailers, and export markets that they operate in a safe and sustainable way.

An innovation in traceability

World Link Food Distributors ships more than eight million pounds of live lobster to 24 countries in North America, Europe and Asia from three processing facilities in Nova Scotia.

“We have partnerships with more than 400 local fishermen in the Atlantic region,” explains Sara Liu, Sales Director of World Link Distributors. “These partnerships confirm we are sustaining the sea, and ensuring the seafood industry prospers for years to come.”

With commitment to quality and traceability in mind, World Link Food Distributors offers a digital traceability feature, Trace Me. Explains Sara, “Trace Me was developed for the consumer who wants to know where their lobster came from, and who caught it.”

“It’s quite simple, all of our live Atlantic lobsters are banded with a Trace Me code. Consumers enter the code displayed on the band, and instantly have access to the community, province, fisherman, vessel and map location of the lobster they have purchased.”

Try Trace Me

This technology, coupled with an effective industry, has given companies like World Link Food Distributors a competitive advantage in global markets.

Nova Scotia, Canada’s leading seafood exporter

 Last year, the province exported $1.8 billion in seafood to more than 75 countries.

Nova Scotia benefits from ports that are ice-free year round, and convenient road, rail and air connections. The Halifax Stanfield International Airport offers daily service to Asia, Europe and North America, which allows for shipping of fresh, live lobster and seafood products.

“The province’s geographic location has certainly been a benefit to the success of World Link Food Distributors,” said Sara. “We offer full logistic services to 24 countries because we have access to the most efficient routes.”

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