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Igniting entrepreneurship across Nova Scotia

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Let’s say you need help growing your business, or you have an idea for starting one. Where do you start?

You know there are support organizations that can help – but which one? With so many options, it can seem overwhelming at first – especially if you live in a rural area where offices might be geographically spread out.

This is where Ignite Labs comes in. Their location at 208 Main St. in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, features a welcoming reception area filled with business cards for support organizations, a wall of banners showcasing various partners, and friendly staff ready to help companies and individuals connect the dots.

Tenants at Ignite Labs

Individuals like Scott Dauphinee, Managing Director, The Lobster Trap Company. Just over a year ago, he met with Ignite to discuss an idea and prototype for a modern, longer-lasting lobster trap that could be recycled – a significant improvement in the industry. Shortly after, The Lobster Trap Company became a tenant at Ignite.

The Lobster Trap Company's innovative trap.

Fast forward to today and The Lobster Trap Company has transformed that original idea into a concrete business with a physical location. Their innovative lobster trap designed to solve 21st century concerns has been tested throughout Atlantic Canada and is officially taking orders.

From an idea at Ignite to a physical location with two buildings!

Nova Scotia’s rural innovation hub

By providing structure, mentorship, and opportunities for rural companies to operate, grow, and create, Ignite encourages the growth of entrepreneurship in Nova Scotia across industries, including technology, oceans, and tourism sectors. On October 1, Ignite launched a second space in Pictou.

According to serial-entrepreneur and Ignite Founder Doug Jones, the hub’s services are the things he wished for as a new business owner. Services such as prototyping gear including modelling software, CNC machines, and 3D printers, as well as full photography and recording studios.

This 3D printer is just one of the amenities available to tenants at Ignite Labs in Yarmouth.

Since its opening last year, Ignite has helped many businesses create and innovate. The Lobster Trap Company is just one example.

“People have the illusion that innovation means complex technologies. Innovation can be a whole bunch of things. It’s simply an improvement on the way we work and operate,” explains Jones. “People don't realize it can be done in a small place. I've lived in Yarmouth for 30 years, and I've developed products here. People think you can't.”

Doug Jones, Founder of Ignite Labs

The success stories coming out of Ignite prove innovation is not dependent on numbers and can happen anywhere. At Nova Scotia Business Inc., we’re proud to contribute to these stories. Gilles Babin, NSBI Business Development Advisor for Yarmouth and Digby counties, is co-located with Ignite, ready to open the door to NSBI’s export programs and services.

“Assisting with our business plan, product innovation and even introducing us to customs brokers, Gilles has been an invaluable resource to our business’ growth."

- Scott Dauphinee, Managing Director, The Lobster Trap Company

Are you looking to grow your business beyond Nova Scotia? Reach out to a Regional Business Development Advisor in your area.
By engaging youth, communities, and businesses to find solutions for challenges being faced in the region, Ignite is creating a culture of entrepreneurship in rural Nova Scotia. To learn more about Ignite, visit their website at igniteatlantic.com.