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GMS Surface Tech Cleans Up

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

When Dr. Gerrard Marangoni started getting complaints from the students in his chemical thermodynamics and colloid chemistry classes that the cleaner being used on the whiteboard had too strong a smell, it planted the seed of what would become the High Performance Green line of cleaners. Challenged by his students to come up with a better product, Dr. Marangoni teamed up with Dr. Kulbir Singh to combine their knowledge of surface chemistry and surfactants, and created a cleaner that was not only free from volatile organic compounds (VOC) and 100% scent free, it actually cleaned better than the previous product!

Recognizing the demand for high performing, scent-free cleaners, especially in schools, Dr.’s Maragoni and Singh looked for someone to help them market and sell their product. They found it in Joe Menchefski, a chemical engineer and marketing specialist, and together, the trio created the High Performance Green (HPG) line.

GMS Surface Tech has found success working with NSBI’s Trade Department. After participating in a single trade mission to Boston in 2011, organized in partnership with ACOA, GMS Surface Tech landed three contracts that helped them gain traction in the US market.

From its office in Antigonish, GMS Surface Tech has already added three products to the HPG line — a screen cleaner for LCD and Plasma screens, a whiteboard rejuvenator to compliment the original whiteboard cleaner, and an alcohol free hand sanitizer that comes in a gel form. All of these products are 100% VOC and odour free, non-toxic, and biodegradable, without losing any cleaning power. These products are available through all major office products retailers in Canada.

GMS Surface Tech promises that the future will see new cleaning products in the HPG line, as well as novel applications of surface chemistry and surfactants to the manufacturing of nanoparticles. This is certainly a Nova Scotia company to watch as they continue to grow!

For more information, contact GMS Surface Tech at info@gmssurfacetech.com