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ICT in Nova Scotia's Key Sectors
  • Driving the Next Big Thing: Nova Scotia’s Developing ICT Sector

Driving the Next Big Thing: Nova Scotia’s Developing ICT Sector

Friday, March 3, 2017

Every day, new developments in Information Communications Technology (ICT) changes the way we do business.

Here in Nova Scotia, our companies are often paving the way.

From small operations in Cape Breton Island to information giants like IBM, Nova Scotia’s ICT sector is shaping the ever-changing business landscape.

We’re Driving Big Things
With the right mix of post-secondary education, established multinational firms and an active startup community, Nova Scotia is growing a young – but well-connected - global cluster.

1000 establishments strong, the Nova Scotia ICT cluster is focused around:

  • Interactive media
  • IT services
  • Transatlantic Communications
  • Enterprise solutions
  • E-health applications
  • Data analytics

ICT is changing the way we think. Here’s a look at four local companies who are influencing this sector’s growth:  

Finding Efficiencies at Coachella
One of the largest music festivals in the world, Coachella, uses a software platform developed in Nova Scotia.

Marcato Digital Solutions, headquartered in Sydney, Nova Scotia, creates and develops web-based management solutions that maximize efficiency in the live event industry.

Last year, they serviced more than 210 festivals around the world, and expect this number to grow in 2017. Their transformative technology assists users with everything from travel, credentials, accommodation and generating reports, and impacts the business of conferences, sporting events and film festivals. This streamlined process improves clients event organization and streamlined data collection.

Technology Improving Seafood Safety
ICT is not often associated with seafood, but the advanced technology from Maritech Dynamics helps local and international businesses lower costs, improve food safety and manage regulatory compliance.

Maritech Dynamics, based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, matches specific business processes with a combination of advanced functionality in catch weights, inventory management and traceability that fits many different aspects of processing.

Today, Maritech is the information technology partner of choice for some of the largest and most prominent seafood and aquaculture organizations in the industry

A Growing Cyber Security Cluster
As the ICT sector continues to grow in Nova Scotia, cybersecurity has become a popular sector focus.

Halifax is home to a leader in this sector, Beyond Trust. Named one of the best places to work in Atlantic Canada by Progress Magazine, Beyond Trust employs a team of more than 130 people who design, code and test enterprise security software.

With more than 4000 customers worldwide, Beyond Trust has chosen to set up one of their offices in Halifax, Nova Scotia, because of our thriving software industry, superior infrastructure and pool of skilled candidates.

Technology in our Oceans
In Nova Scotia, there are more than 300 companies working in the ocean sector businesses who provide goods and services across the province.

Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems is one of these businesses. Based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Ultra Electronic Maritime Systems earned its reputation as a world leader in the development and manufacture of solutions for Undersea Surveillance, Magneto Inductive Technology and Infrastructure Optimization and Protection.

Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems is one of the oldest continuously operating electronics design and manufacturing operations in Canada, and the largest electronics product design company in Atlantic Canada.

Learn more about opportunities available in Nova Scotia’s growing Information Communications Technology and Digital Media sectors.