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  • Crafty Nova Scotia businesses toast their success

Crafty Nova Scotia businesses toast their success

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

There are many niche markets for Nova Scotia retailers and entrepreneurs to fill, but competing in an international arena for consumer awareness and loyalty requires a truly unique product. Certain industries are seeing far more acceptance and interest from buyers in the United States and abroad thanks to their quality items and interesting sales tactics, making their names more commonplace in a way that could make them global presences. These companies, of course, all started out right in Nova Scotia but have seen dramatic growth and increased interest in what they can do with hops, yeast and time.

Canadian excellence at work
According to NBC News, American breweries are starting to see Canadian beers as far greater competition than ever before. The source stated overall sales of beer in both countries are fairly stable, with less than half a percent increase in the last year, though wine and spirits are seeing much greater revenue growth during the same period. The regularity of the beer market makes it competitive, but also a prime sector for entrepreneurs to get started with unique flavors and combinations of ingredients.

The success of Canadian brewers in this respect has even encouraged SABMiller, one of the biggest corporate beer manufacturers in the world, to join forces with Molson Coors. This Canadian-run organization is in control of almost 40 percent of the total beer market, according to NBC, making it one of the most influential bottlers and now a prime partner with one of its greatest competitors.

Building on success
Nova Scotia brewers are taking this momentum and running with it, The Chronicle Herald reported. The Craft Brewers Association of Nova Scotia has seen significant interest and improvement from within the province as well as international buyers in the last year. Craft beers, as opposed to big labels, are getting more attention and fostering an ever-expanding niche market made up of connoisseurs willing to spend more and travel farther just to taste the most interesting brews. This has made Nova Scotia a destination location for beer tastings and travel packages centered around this theme.

A substantial part of this momentum is due to a burgeoning interest in local foods and spirits, according to The Herald. Beginning in the U.S. and slowly but steadily working its way around the world, people of all ages are looking for more complex flavors and interesting mixtures, making Nova Scotia's growing number of microbreweries a premier location to taste beers made of fresh local products.