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Connected by the Ocean: Rodger Lu

Thursday, June 22, 2017

A seasoned executive with over 20 years’ experience in various leadership roles for Fortune 500 companies, Rodger Lu brings diverse market experience to the ConnectNS network.

Now residing in Shanghai, China, Rodger works in China’s ICT industry for the LED Division of Samsung Electronics. He completed his MBA at Saint Mary’s University, and has a great passion for his former home in Nova Scotia.

“Nova Scotia is one of the most beautiful places to visit. I am lucky to have spent two years living and studying in Halifax, while enjoying the beautiful summer weather.”

Although his geographic location is now oceans apart from the province, Rodger shared why he chose to become a Global Advisor through the ConnectNS network, and offered his unique insights on navigating the market in China.

What do Nova Scotia exporters need to know about China?
In Nova Scotia, we know that the province’s land cultivates some of the best products, and seafood, in the world. And fortunately for us, China knows this too.

Rodger noted that the market is experiencing an increase in demand. “There’s a great opportunity for Nova Scotia right now from both a developed and emerging market, Chinese consumers are looking for health food outside of the country.”

Never underestimate the demand for high quality and high value product and service in China.

In Rodger’s business experience, many international companies treat China as a low end and price sensitive market. “Working with a few world class companies doing business in China, our most profitable product lines have been always the one with leading edge technology, innovation, value-added, and in line with the same market trend of developed countries.”

This bodes well for many of Nova Scotia’s key sectors.

What is the key to finding the right business partner in China?
Company profile and corporate object match will be the cornerstone for success between Nova Scotia exporters and Chinese partners.

For Nova Scotia’s medium and small companies specifically, it is important to position yourself correctly in China’s market.


While there is always risk in exporting to a new market, there are many things a Nova Scotia business can do to help along the way. “Do your research and educate yourself on the market you’re about to enter by visiting and making connections as often as you can.”

What’s happening in China’s ICT sector?
“This is a huge and dynamic market. Giving an example of mobile phone market, China manufactures almost 60% mobile phones in the world.”

“The whole industry chain is well established. There are giant OEM factories for iPhone, and there are also Chinese mobile phone marketers, adopting most leading edge technology, and continuously rolling out new product lines in an unbeatable time to market cycle, achieving tremendous success in both China domestic and overseas markets.”

The numbers in this sector are astounding, Chinese consumers purchased approximately 500 million mobile phones in 2016. As one fastest adopters of new technology, China is always looking for more. “Chinese consumers look for value added service, there are 86% of consumers using and trusting mobile payment, while only 38% Americans have ever used mobile payment.”

“Technology may drive progress in a mature and solid market, but it could lead to evolutional leap in an emerging China market, with enormous opportunities ahead for Nova Scotia to build on.”

Why join the ConnectNS network?
“After graduation from SMU in 2005, I took my family to visit Nova Scotia. My family enjoyed every moment with our friends, and indulged with nice food and scenery. My son, David, has a dream to open a farm and a restaurant to provide health food to people in Nova Scotia. We realize, as a family, that we have deep ties and passion for the province.”

“To be a Global Advisor within the ConnectNS network fulfills part of my devotion to it.”

Rodger Lu is one of over 2,000 proud Nova Scotians, friends, alumni and expats involved in ConnectNS. Learn how you too can get involved.