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  • Clearwater Seafoods moves boldly forward and celebrates success in new markets in 2015

Clearwater Seafoods moves boldly forward and celebrates success in new markets in 2015

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Nova Scotia Business Inc. along with its partners and sponsors are proud to present The Nova Scotia Export Achievement Awards, an annual celebration and recognition of excellence in exporting across Nova Scotia. To learn more about the event including information sessions and awards luncheon set for May 21st, 2015 in Halifax, please visit ExportAchievementAwards.com

Since winning an Export Achievement Award for Provincial Exporter of the Year in 2014, Clearwater Seafoods Inc. continues to evolve at an awe-inspiring pace. The Nova Scotia seafood supplier and export company takes pride in maintaining local roots while continuing to grow an impressive list of international clients. According to Clearwater Seafoods President and Chief Commercial Officer, Greg Morency, the past year has been full of dynamic new challenges and opportunities for continued growth on an international platform.

“We’ve recognized the importance of developing international customers and distribution channels since our inception in 1976,” he says. “We’re proud to continue this tradition today and are humbled by the recognition from The Export Achievement Awards for our contribution to Nova Scotia’s exporting business community. Today, with over 85% of our sales being made outside of Canada, we remain focused on sharing our products with a global audience.”

Currently, Clearwater employs over 1300 Atlantic Canadians, many of whom reside in small rural communities and have been with the company for over 20 years. Morency is proud to note that Clearwater remains highly committed to supporting its employees with continuous education, mentorship and opportunities for growth and advancement.  The company actively engages the communities where employees live and work, through both participation with and financial contributions to local organizations. The dedication to making a difference to both Clearwater employees and in the communities in which the company operates is always a top priority.

“Clearwater continues to stay true to its home-grown Nova Scotia roots. We’re a vertically-integrated company with our global headquarters based in Bedford, NS,” describes Morency. “This means we operate from ocean-to-plate by owning and operating our own vessels; holding the largest shellfish quotas in the country; processing all of our seafood either onboard our vessels or in one of our many plants; and then also selling, marketing and shipping all of our products to our customers around the world.  Many of these activities take place right here in Nova Scotia.”

According to Morency, Clearwater has experienced success in several new markets since winning an Export Achievement Award in 2014. It recently celebrated sending the first shipment of live lobster to the up-and-coming Brazilian market; expanded value-added product reach to Australia with the entrance of Scallops & Sauce; rolled-out a line of retail products targeting the emerging middle-class in China; and introduced Propeller Clams (a new clam species) to the sushi-hungry Asian market. Specifically, Clearwater is targeting regions with growing middle-classes, high discretionary spending and an increased desire for healthier protein options.

“We’ve built our business with a willingness to take chances, develop new products and develop new markets, a practice we continue to use today. We work to create demand and establish supply channels for the marketplace while working closely with local partners and government agencies. We will always face challenges regardless of where we choose to do business, but we do our best to navigate through any challenging situation that may arise.”

With record annual sales of $445 million for the period ending December 31, 2014, Clearwater continues to achieve staggeringly successful results. Numbers aside, Morency believes that one of Clearwater’s greatest achievements is continuing to invest in its own people while boldly embracing sustainability and innovation.

“As we look toward the future, Clearwater will continue to evolve and prosper in many ways. We’ll continue to make investments in our fleet, plants, information systems and people. We’ll continue to see innovation play a key role in our harvesting capabilities, new product development and sustainability,” says Morency. “We’ll also continue to develop new products to meet the needs of our growing global customer base. Above all, we’ll remain focused on our primary goal to be our customers’ wild sustainable seafood supplier of choice through our ability to consistently deliver unsurpassed quality from ocean-to-plate.”