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Building a strong workforce

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Looking to establish a presence and build a capable workforce in North America? Nova Scotia, Canada has top talent that stays. 

Nova Scotia employers often comment on their longstanding and loyal employee base, with lower-than-average turnover rates. It's no wonder Michelin has second and third-generation employees in plants across the province. And with our unique lifestyle, it makes sense that people from around the world are coming to work and live in Nova Scotia.

New Nova Scotians with unique perspectives 

More immigrants have been approved to make Nova Scotia their home in 2018 than ever before. Government approved 2,272 people to come through immigration programs, up from 1,651 in 2017. New Nova Scotians bring diverse skills and experiences to the province; here are just a few of the fields benefiting: 

  • Natural and applied sciences 
  • Business, finance, and administration 
  • Sales and services 
  • Health 
  • Management Occupations 


Motivated and engaged graduates with global mindsets 

Nova Scotia has among the highest ratios of educational facilities and workforce-to-population in North America. Our universities offer a full-range of programs and enrol students from more than 100 countries around the world, with China, Saudi Arabia, India, the USA, and South Korea as top sources.  

According to a recent study, Nova Scotia's international student share of enrolments has risen from 6% to 17% (11 percentage point gain) over the past 15 years. Commerce, management and business, engineering, and applied sciences are the most popular fields of study for these students. 

Additionally, 65% of international student graduates hope to stay here in Atlantic Canada upon graduation and the majority have or plan to obtain permanent residency. They're actively seeking opportunities.  

This concentration of young, motivated, and enthusiastic graduates – with international experience – contributes to one of the most highly educated workforces per capita in North America.  

Learn more about the talented, agile, and available workforce that exists here in Nova Scotia, Canada.