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  • From Antigonish to outer space: Peace by Chocolate becomes the ultimate exporter

From Antigonish to outer space: Peace by Chocolate becomes the ultimate exporter

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Not many companies can claim the title of being an exporter to space. Peace by Chocolate of Antigonish can now put its name on that list.

The story of Peace by Chocolate and their out-of-this-world treats have made news across Canada, and around the world over the past three years. It's a story of the Hadhad family - a Syrian family who fled their country and came to Canada as refugees in late 2015, along with 25,000 other Syrians.

Nova Scotia Business Inc. caught up with Tareq Hadhad to discuss Peace by Chocolate's most recent shipment of chocolate - to the international space station.

Watch our Interview:

Read the transcript here.

Upon their arrival to Nova Scotia the Hadhad's were welcomed into the community of Antigonish with open arms where they dreamed of opening a chocolate factory just like the one they had owned in Syria. 

If we landed in Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal, I truly believe it would have taken us 10-20 years because you can’t stand out easy in a big city… so Peace by Chocolate would not have started that great idea in a big city.

-Tareq Hadhad

Now, almost three years later, the Hadhad family has grown that idea into a business that employs more than 35 people and ships products globally with a message of peace. Google recently recognized the Hadhad family and their story in a new promotional video:

To learn more about Peace by Chocolate, visit their website.