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Accelerate Highlights: Oltre Financial

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Invest Nova Scotia Accelerate is a milestone-based program that helps Nova Scotia start-ups get investment-ready. In addition to funding, companies get access to a series of acceleration activities and resources. These start-ups are helping transform our economy. Get to know their amazing stories.

While many of us might spend a portion of every workday dreaming of retirement, planning financially for those “golden years” can sure be overwhelming.

Halifax-based Oltre Financial is helping people reduce the stress and guesswork that comes with planning for their financial future. The company has developed Compass, user-friendly online software that empowers people of all ages to navigate their financial journey with confidence and achieve their desired lifestyle.

Through the combination of an intuitive front-end interface and proprietary tax and estate optimization algorithms, including AI, Compass provides users with an in-depth financial action plan, which includes a personalized deposit and withdrawal strategy that minimizes the user's tax liability throughout their lifetime.

“Oltre Financial was established out of the necessity to modernize the retirement planning experience,” said Zac Davies, co-founder of Oltre Financial. “After one of our founders went through a retirement exercise with a financial planner, he found there were significant gaps in the process. Among those gaps were the cookie-cutter approach on how funds would be withdrawn during retirement, with no regard for the tax consequences, and the realization that every time he wanted an updated “what-if '' scenario, he needed to once again meet with a planner.”

“Oltre Financial was established to resolve these and many other issues by developing a tool that would be available to all Canadians. The state-of-the-art solution is estimated to improve the typical user’s estate value by 5-10 per cent through the minimization of taxes over their lifetime.”

As one of 11 start-ups selected to participate in the latest Invest Nova Scotia Accelerate cohort, Zac believes the program gave the Oltre team the confidence and the reassurance that they were heading in the right direction.

“Accelerate provided Oltre with crucial validation, reaffirming our belief in our company's potential. Being selected for the Accelerate program also did not go unnoticed, as we received lots of interest from both venture capital firms and the general public. The Accelerate funding has also been an invaluable jump start to our plans by allowing us to accelerate both our product development and marketing plans as we strive for a product launch in Q4 of 2023.”

In the next couple of years, Oltre’s vision is to expand its user base nationwide and become a prominent force in disrupting the financial planning industry.

“We aspire to educate our customers about estate and tax planning, fostering a greater understanding and awareness in these areas. Ultimately, we want to provide Canadians with the tools they need to take control of their financial future.”