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Incubation, InvestmentOcean TechnologyThe Bays
Artificial intelligence and big data analytics that enable the safe, efficient and environmentally sound marine transport of people and goods
InvestmentInformation & Communications Technology
Cloud-based member-management system
InvestmentInformation & Communications Technology
Software that streamlines payment and approval processes for the construction industry
OtherAgricultural TechnologyAscendBio (Verschuren Centre)
Technology to convert biological waste from fish and other animals into fertilizer
InvestmentOcean Technology
Structures that mimic coral reefs to build an ocean infrastructure that improves resistance to climate stressors and diseases
IR Scientific
IncubationLife Sciences (e.g., therapeutics, medical devices or digital health technologies)The Labs
Oral health technologies based on naturally sourced and 100 per cent degradable biomaterials
Island Water Technologies
InvestmentClean Technology (e.g., low carbon technology, industrial biotech)
Technologies for water treatment and monitoring
Ocean Technology
Compact high-density generators that harvest energy from motion to power marine electronics
Kraken Sense
OtherClean Technology (e.g., low carbon technology, industrial biotech)AscendBio (Verschuren Centre)
Lab-on-a-chip technology to detect pathogens such as ecoli and salmonella
OtherAgricultural TechnologyAscendBio (Verschuren Centre)
Clean dyes grown by microorganisms found in nature to replace synthetics