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Fe Pharmaceuticals
IncubationLife Sciences (e.g., therapeutics, medical devices or digital health technologies)The Labs
Iron-binding molecules that selectively sequester and shield the iron needed by pathogenic microbes for their growth during infection
InvestmentInformation & Communications Technology
Technology to guide food processors through the development of food safety plans to meet regulatory requirements and reduce recalls
Gaia Refinery
OtherClean Technology (e.g., low carbon technology, industrial biotech)AscendBio (Verschuren Centre)
Wind-assisted technology that captures air and converts it into high value natural gas
Glas Ocean Electric
IncubationOcean TechnologyStart-Up Yard at COVE
Electric boat kits to convert existing and new boats to electric propulsion and solutions to dual-purpose boat batteries as energy storage
Graphite Innovation & Technologies
Incubation, InvestmentOcean TechnologyThe Bays
Graphene coatings to reduce corrosion and biofouling in water
GreenSage Prebiotics
OtherLife Sciences (e.g., therapeutics, medical devices or digital health technologies)AscendBio (Verschuren Centre)
Natural alternative to antibiotics derived from coconut residues
InvestmentAgricultural Technology
AI-powered software to codify cannabis plant health through the photographic scanning of cannabis leaves
Incubation, InvestmentOcean TechnologyThe Bays
Artificial intelligence and big data analytics that enable the safe, efficient and environmentally sound marine transport of people and goods
InvestmentInformation & Communications Technology
Cloud-based member-management system
InvestmentInformation & Communications Technology
Software that streamlines payment and approval processes for the construction industry